Hamburg in December 2021
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Dear steps friends,
in the second half of the year it became warmer again in Namibia and the pandemic lost its horror, the incidences fell sharply. While many of the children only partially returned to the projects, our guardian angel children were almost completely with us again and were able to continue exchanging ideas with the supervisors and people they trusted.
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On my project trip I was able to visit almost all the Guardian Angel children, also meet with the steps students and can only say: I am smitten by Progress, by tremendous development steps, especially among the female students. The Guardian Angel program is really as sustainable as I've always dreamed of and the successes speak for themselves. With this program we offer a significantly better development opportunities for the children from the informal settlements. You can already see how the students will later be able to have a life that they could never have achieved without steps.

Before you rummage through the little reports, I would like to thank you on behalf of our steps guardian angel children for your support in all its facets.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great start into the coming year 2022.
Michael Hoppe


Guardian angel children from Rehoboth

Guardian Angel children paint Guardian Angels (9)

Guardian angel children do handicrafts and paint in Rehoboth.

In our Otto Xamseb project we do handicrafts and paint. Every steps child would like to paint a guardian angel and thus their guardian angels from other countries - you - THANK YOU for the commitment. Only with you they can stay in this program, only go their way with your support.

Graduation ceremony at Boomerang in Windhoek

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Even if it is here in our partner project Boomerang So far there are no Guardian Angel children in Windhoek Katutura, we would not like to withhold the small graduation ceremony from you.
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Guardian angel children from Otavi

Otavi SE
The Guardian Angel children from Otavi greet you. The project manager Exeldra has now taken on two more children.
Kassius, elementary school teacher in the morning, in the afternoon in the afternoon and homework supervision, takes on her school challenges every day. And with success, because Werner even achieved 97% in the subjects of mathematics and the environment. A great success!

Guardian Angel Children from Gobabis

SE children painting gobabis SEs_Christmas 21 (73)
SE children painting gobabis SEs_Christmas 21 (80)
SE children painting gobabis SEs_Christmas 21 (28)
In Gobabis, all Guardian Angel children wish a merry Nicholas and say thank you for your support. Here's the next great news:
Matrikboys Gobabis (2) _
Three more Guardian Angel children have also passed the Abitur in this project and are now using the 12th school year to improve their grade point average or can possibly - provided they have already achieved the required grade point average - enroll at a university immediately.

Regina_Christmas 21 (2)
regina, which had already passed its matriculation a year ago, could improve so far, that she is now applying to a university.

Guardian angel children from Okakarara

Guardian Angel children paint SE_Okakarara (17)
On my project trip I was able to visit our steps guardian angel children in Okakarara. Each of them has colored and cut out a little guardian angel himself. With this, the children and young people want to say thank you - for your support. The past school year was also here of ups and downs - but most of them are coming
now again regularly in the project for learning and playing. What do you particularly miss? The volunteers. This year they had to do without it due to the pandemic, but are extremely happy when it is finally possible to receive them again.

Clenda's speech

What really excited me was that little speech from our steps student Clenda on the occasion of the farewell party for the preschool classes. Clenda, who also comes from Okakarara, really understood how important education is and urges parents and guardians to support the children on their way to education.

As a representative, these guardian angel children from Okakarara wish you a Merry Christmas!

And one too huge request To the previous Guardian Angels: Our Guardian Angel children have been with us for at least 12 years in the projects, then they may still study or do an apprenticeship. The program is a very long-term and sustainable social project and accordingly we would like to have support from the Guardian Angels in the long term. If you don’t already donate permanently for a Guardian Angel child, please convert your help into a permanent orderg around.


Then we would be very happy if you forward this newsletter to your friends.



Statements from our guardian angels

"After my trip to Namibia I had a strong need to give something back to the people there." steps Guardian Angel for 9 years

"I am already a person - I will now be a guardian angel." Guardian angels and supporters for 15 years

"Giving something back is good for my soul - working as a guardian angel in particular makes me happy." Guardian Angel for 2 years

"I wanted to give something back to the country and its people, where I had such a wonderful time." Former volunteer
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