Hamburg, April 15, 2022
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I've just come back from Namibia. It's been an eventful few weeks in which I visited the projects and had many conversations with employees and project managers. I also met with Petronella and other young students from our Guardian Angels program - it's amazing to see how hopeful they are for the future while still learning and working down to earth, for once better job opportunities to have.
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Fortunately, there is hardly anything left to feel from Corona, but unfortunately it is the huge increase in the price of staple foods, caused by the terrible war in Ukraine, is a major problem - especially for the poorer population, who still do not have enough work or earn very little. As a result, our soup kitchens are once again more important than ever. We too have to deal with inflation rates - the purchases for the soup kitchen in Okakarara, for example, have become about 3% more expensive in the last 6-30 months and the transport options for the students and our teachers have also increased by over 20%.

We wish sunny holidays!
Michael Hoppe


Easter at steps for children

In our projects, blown out eggs are already being painted and the children ask every day when the "rabbit" is coming. In the projects, the teachers hide small sweets and the children then look for Easter eggs and small sweets, just like here with us. Unfortunately, the children in the informal settlements do not have this pleasure, but we invite some of them to our place.
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Painting Easter eggs at Boomerang in Windhoek

Petronella and Kemue

At Easter we send you a few small impressions of the guardian angel children - where do they come from? How long have you been with steps for children? What are your plans for the future? kemue and Petronella, both from our Guardian Angel program in Okakarara, have answered a few questions for us and you.

book donations

In Okakarara and Gobabis are several hundred new books arrived and were cataloged by the staff and volunteers. The children and young people of the steps projects are happy about new interesting topic books, stories that are read to them in preschool and kindergarten.
the bookshelf in the ASC classroom (1)
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The books are now in the mobile libraries classified. Mobile libraries were set up in both Gobabis and Okakarara a few years ago and have made a significant contribution to giving our guardian angel children better access to books. Some have now also been purchased at our other locations in Rehoboth and Okahandja - to the delight of many children.
SE Children Teens Reading Okakarara 2022 (1)_

Young people from the afternoon classes read the new books.

Volunteers in Namibia

Some of you will already know them, because the three of them took part in our last zoom meeting on April 7.4.2022th, XNUMX and reported a bit about their everyday life and their tasks. For all those who missed our zoom meeting, you can read the reports from here Paula, Johanna and Julius. Have lots of fun with it!
Game with Volos Okakarara 2022

The inauguration of the Peter Wackel School

The German hit star Peter Wackel is committed to building a school for the education of the poorest children and young people in Namibia.

The inauguration of the school building took place on April 8, 2022.
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The table bench combinations made in the steps joinery in Gobabis give the children in Okahandja a lot of joy.

The school building was built for the Ileni Tulikwafeni community project in the Namibian town of Okahandja, 65 km north of the capital Windhoek. Peter Wackel made his donation to the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP, which builds schools in countries of the Global South with the help of donors. This has been working in a long-term partnership with the steps for children foundation and has already financed the necessary construction of classrooms at other steps for children locations.
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Easter fundraiser

NL Easter
At Easter you can now easily get one start your own fundraising campaign in favor of the steps for children foundation and thus partly indirectly also for the children in the informal settlements. And let all friends and acquaintances know through a shared link. Judge yours Fundraiser yourself and determine the purpose - for example, you collect donations for meals, the soup kitchen in a project or support a guardian angel child together.

Happy Holidays!

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