Hamburg, June 15, 2022
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we report in this newsletter among other things about the increasing poverty and in this context about the increasing crime rate in Namibia. We are also directly affected by this. And unfortunately, with the beginning of the Namibian winter and night temperatures of up to -8 degrees, Corona returns - the incidences are increasing again.
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But also positive news is there to report from the everyday life of the foundation: for example, large participation in the association event in May, on June 18th we are represented at the festival of the foundations with a small information stand and we are happy about a birthday fundraiser in favor of steps.
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give warmth

Have you ever been to Namibia at this time of the year? If so, then you know that the nights are now up -8 degrees, but up to 25 degrees during the day possible are. Our steps children usually sleep directly on the floor in draughty tin huts. In order to make this time more bearable for them and to protect their health, we urgently need warm blankets so that they do not get too cold during their sleep at night. Because - when you're cold, you don't sleep well and you're tired and unfocused in the morning.
Namibia vitamins

Blankets are distributed to our steps children in Rehoboth in the Otto Xamseb project.

We need 152 blankets.
1 blanket costs €17
donation yourself
or start your own fundraiser now
for warm blankets

Meals even during the holidays... continuously provide food for children and young people who cannot eat with relatives in the country during the school holidays. Therefore we support the soup kitchen of our project partner Light for the Children in Gobabis for 12 days with additional meals.
300 children and young people in Gobabis receive a hot meal from the soup kitchen during the holidays.
With 30 € you help to provide 30 children with a warm meal a day.
Meals Gobabi

Donate for vitamins

As soon as it gets colder, the number of infections rises sharply again. It also hit us - the project in Okakarara had to go into quarantine due to a person who tested positive and thus remain closed for 7 days. Unfortunately, other employees from the project were also infected, fortunately without serious illnesses. Despite the closure, the volunteers were able to hand out exercise sheets to the guardian angel children every day. These were made available for collection prior to the project. In order to strengthen the immune system in the cold season, we want to distribute vitamins to our educators and teachers.
for 5 employees
for 1 Month = 85 €

Rise in poverty leads to rise in crime

After 6 years of recession with correspondingly lower government spending and many companies that had to close or laid off employees, and with tourism not yet fully restarted, Unemployment and thus poverty have risen sharply, especially among people in the informal settlements. For these reasons, among others, crime in Namibia has increased significantly in recent months.

And crime does not stop at steps for children either. A few weeks ago, two men broke into the students' flat in Windhoek while they were there and robbed them - laptops, printers, mobile phones and money were stolen. After this first attack, the students were reasonably well off. The burglars could even be identified.

Another attempted burglary two weeks later made it clear that the young women could no longer stay in this place. We immediately responded to them To ensure safety in another, protected place. But the trauma remains. We do everything we can to ensure that the young female students in Windhoek are safely escorted to their educational institutions and come home again. In addition, we have now commissioned a driver with the daily journeys from the common place of residence to the various educational institutions.
Also, we had last year Vandalism recorded on our project plots, so that fences and walls as well as security cameras had to be installed. Two projects were broken into: money, computers and laptops were stolen here. At all project sites we have to strengthen our security measures, install cameras and ensure safe routes, not just for the students.
Namibia children safety
A small additional contribution for the driver that has become necessary and the additional trips to guarantee the safety of the young women and to increase security measures would help us a lot in Namibia.
Make a donation to Special Security Needs now.

FAQ – Has the willingness to donate to steps for children changed?

Recently, our team and I have been asked more frequently about the donation volume currently achieved - and yes, we notice, like other foundations and charitable organizations, that the volume of donations is significantly decreasing due to the war in Ukraine and the associated high inflation rate, due to price increases and falling stock prices. Even foundations that still support us faithfully have to be more economical this year. A large number of donations are currently going to the Ukraine, while other continents such as Africa are losing sight of it. Since we have been able to make reserves in recent years and have managed in a very resource-saving manner, the foundation is currently not in danger - the expenses for the projects on site are secured for the first half of the year. Nevertheless, we are very happy about every incoming donation to stabilize the situation!


Meeting of the support association steps for children eV

On May 17, 2022, the general meeting of our support association steps for children eV took place. In addition to the members of the association, numerous guests and interested parties also came. We would like to thank all participants very much and are pleased that we were able to record the presentation given by Michael Hoppe this year. In this Video you can experience the current project development.

Festival of Foundations - we will be there on June 18, 2022

Am On Saturday, June 18, 2022, the Festival of Foundations will take place in Planten un Bloomen on the occasion of the Hamburg Foundation Days - it's worth coming by. This time we will also be there with an information stand. You will find us in the afternoon in front of the music pavilion - our volunteers, who will look after the stand this year and present steps for children, are looking forward to your visit!
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Your birthday fundraiser

Starting a campaign for a good cause on your birthday is a great experience. Together with its guests, as in the case of Ms. Birgit Janssen, we are committed to steps for children and thus promote educational opportunities and future prospects for our children and young people in Namibia.

Dear Mrs Janssen,
we are pleased that you have become aware of our work and thank you and your guests on behalf of the entire steps team for the support.

Janssen_Yoga_Birthday campaign
you want your birthday
Dedicate steps for children and start a fundraiser?
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The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 in Hamburg by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded. It now operates at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where it is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the poor neighborhoods. Over 3.000 children can take part in education and take a warm meal every day at steps and its partner projects.

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