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In the meantime, we have received many questions from supporters, sponsors and friends about what our biggest challenges are at the moment, what we are planning, what is happening on site.
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On my regular trips through our facilities in Namibia, I am particularly impressed that some of the guardian angel children I have known from an early age have now grown up. You have managed to graduate from school, are enrolled at a university or have started an internship in order to develop future-oriented career aspirations.

In this newsletter we report on our recently completed trip to Namibia, on the acute grievances in the Namibian education system, on new facilities and on our volunteer from Okakarara. Last but not least, we have two tips for hamburgers!

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Maladministration in Namibia's schools

The school system in Namibia shows considerable deficits. In Okakarara, for example, we had to learn that over 90% of the young people had failed their last final exams - not because they are weak learners or because they are

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show little initiative, but also because many of the English teachers do not speak proper English, the classes are hopelessly overcrowded, there are hardly any learning materials, sometimes demotivated teachers lead the lessons and also because a lot of regular lessons have been canceled due to Corona. A small report summarizes which factors significantly influence the shortcomings of the education system and why we as a local institution are doing important work.
Our work is effective: After 16 years, the first guardian angel children – now young adults – have started their studies since 2021. Without support, children and young people from the informal settlements have almost no chance of getting a higher school diploma.

Promote sustainably - steps students

Our previous ambassador and future board member Andreas Ross was in common with ours team manager Kirsten from the hay and I on a long journey through the steps facilities in Namibia. One afternoon we also met the steps students.

From left Ulrike Mai (NTC), Michael Hoppe, Manfred Haoseb (guardian angel teacher), Clenda (steps student), (back) Kirsten vom Heu (team manager), Johanna (steps student), Uetusuvera (steps student), Gavin (steps student ), Andreas Roß (Guardian Angel Ambassador), Petronella (steps student), Fritz (steps student)

It is always impressive how the former guardian angel children and current steps students develop and continue their educational path. With your support and the support and support on site in Namibia, it can be possible to enable young people to find an apprenticeship. And we would like to make this possible for other children and young people.
Donate here for our guardian angel children and promote education in the long term - from the 1st grade to graduation and beyond!

We say goodbye to our cooperation partner Boomerang

Since 2015 we have been supporting the Boomerang kindergarten in Katutura, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Namibia. Founder and director Memory Kharuxas, the former Waldorf kindergarten teacher, led this with 65 children at the time on her private property and in her house.
Later, steps rented external rooms for this and paid the teachers. For a long time we were able to give the children from Katutura a place of security with daily warm meals and early childhood loving education. Unfortunately, Memory Kharuxas had to leave kindergarten for health reasons and we ended the collaboration. However, we would like to continue looking after children in Katutura and therefore have…

… founded a new social institution

We are pleased to be able to start our new facility, the "Single Quarter" preschool, in April. We have rented and renovated a building on the property of the institution "Jakob Marengo" in Katutura. There is a room for almost 20 children, an adjoining room and toilets. The cooking area will be redesigned outside of the building, and a playground is in preparation.

from left Rautia Shikongo (teacher), Martin Schölling (National Coordinator Team), Secilie Ekandjo (cook)

The newly hired teacher Rautia and the cook Secilie have been looking forward to finally welcoming the children in April for several weeks. Here in the photo we see her together with Martin Schölling, member of our National Coordinator Team.

We are happy about a support for the new playground from the steps facility "Single Quarter". A total of €2.100 is required for this.

Kid Care colleague

Kid Care colleague

In the Namibian capital Windhoek in the Goreangab district, also in Katutura, we have been supporting this since the beginning of the year Kid Care colleague, which Johannes Mateus founded in 2019. He has managed to get many children off the unsafe streets of the very poor neighborhood and offers them the greatest possible development and educational opportunities with a team of eight educators and teachers.
While 2019 children attended his social facility in 68, today there are already 155 who are supported and provided with meals in crèches, kindergartens, preschools and in a first class. The founder is a teacher himself and has invested his savings in the facility. We would like to support his commitment and thus the education of the children in his facility by building two urgently needed classrooms. In this way we enable that the 1st class from the previous year can continue to be cared for in this facility, now as 2nd class.

The building for the new classrooms is almost finished.

We still need 900 € for complete financing
Help now with a proportional donation for the
new classroom of Kid-care colleague in Katutura

Hello from Namibia

Sophie now lives in Okakarara - at least for a while. As a short-term volunteer, she made her way to our steps facility in January, together with another volunteer who you will soon get to know.

Dear Sophie, we wish you a great, eventful time at steps for children in Okakarara and thank you very much for your commitment on site!

Sophie and some children from the kindergarten group


Wine tasting for a good cause

Am 25. March loads the Gastronomy Putter in the Anglo-German Club in Hamburg to an exquisite wine fair. Wines from German wine-growing regions such as Baden, Franconia, the Rheingau, from the Moselle and from Rheinhessen and Württemberg as well as from the rest of the wine world such as Chile, South Tyrol, Portugal and France are tasted here.

Anglo German Club in Hamburg

For only 5 € entry you are there. And best of all: Half of the entry goes to the children and young people of steps for children. steps for children will also be represented with a small information stand at the fair and our volunteers will be happy if you stop by and share this event tip with your friends and draw the attention of wine lovers to it.
Harvestehuder Weg 44 in Hamburg
March 25 from 12.30 am - 18 pm

Would you like to volunteer for steps?

We would like to cordially invite you to our steps action meeting on March 30th at 18 p.m. If you are interested in this meeting to get to know us and get an impression of the activities we are planning, please contact us right away
We look forward to one vbinding registration until 24.3., so that we can ensure a good and pleasant meeting and plan the catering and the venue.

To get an idea of ​​the areas in which you can get involved, you can fill out a small questionnaire:

From entrepreneur to development worker

While I was traveling through the steps facilities in Namibia, an interview was published in the Hamburger Abendblatt, in which I spoke to the editor-in-chief Lars Haider as part of the series "Decision-makers meet Haider" about the founding of the foundation and current challenges. A report on the journey from entrepreneur to social entrepreneur.

Thanks for your interest!
We would be happy if you recommend us.
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