Hamburg in May 2021
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Dear steps friends,
Spring is knocking timidly on the door here in Germany, the first rays of sun warm us and every now and then I catch myself bravely walking with just a sweater instead of my thick winter jacket.
A friend from Namibia gives me an impressive description of the weather in her country these days:
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“In Namibia, on the other hand, it is getting cooler every day. After last Sunday the sky opened again with thunder and lightning and 50 mm of rain rushed down (certainly a farewell performance) now the dry and cold time begins. "

In the next few paragraphs you can read what winter in Namibia means for our steps children, what the vaccination situation is currently like and how our students are doing.

I wish you a pleasant start into May and interesting reading.
Michael Hoppe


The cold is coming ...
While the temperatures are rising again here, it is slowly getting winter in Namibia and Zimbabwe. The days are getting shorter and at night the temperatures drop close to zero. In a month, the thermometer can go down to -5 ° C. It is time to send our steps children warm clothes, blankets and mattresses again. Because as beautiful and rainy the summer in Namibia was and as valuable as it is that the country was finally able to recover a little after years of drought, the winter is now predicted to be so cold.
warm blankets 2021_BoH (1)
We need children for our guardian angel and steps homes children
urgent 184 warm blankets.

1 blanket = € 17
"This year we opted for the thicker version, as the weather service predicted a long, severe winter due to the good rainy season."

Ulrike Mai
National coordinator

... the hunger remains.

But the cold also keeps the 1.500 children in Okahandja don't stop waiting in line for a serving of warm food. Tourism, which otherwise creates a few jobs, has not yet really started up again; the people in the informal settlement Five Rand remain bitterly poor. They urgently need meals for themselves and their siblings, because there is nothing at home. We need your support so that the portions can get bigger again and the relatives at home don't have to go hungry.
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© Thomas Naber
With 40 € you donate warm meals for 1 child + 2 relatives 5 days a week
For 1 month.

The vaccination situation in Namibia

In Namibia are meanwhile 350 vaccination centers in which many friendly and well-trained nurses and employees work. Anyone can get vaccinated, because there is currently enough vaccine (AstraZeneca and the Chinese vaccine), registration or a fee is not yet required.

Lack of willingness to vaccinate

Due to the increasing number of infections in the past few days, the Namibians are urged to get vaccinated even more urgently. The vaccination offer has been accepted very hesitantly so far, partly due to the negative press about AstraZeneca. To allay the concerns, can politicians be vaccinated in a media-effective way, so that the population gains confidence in the vaccines.

“I am really proud of my country, how well it has dealt with the pandemic so far. You don't stir up fears here, you inform, you don't make promises, and most of them take part, " says Erika von Wietersheim, co-founder of the Trust Steps for Children in Namibia. But she also emphasizes that "everything is much easier in a small country like Namibia", but she also did I was particularly impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the people. The staff at the vaccination centers seem to have been well prepared for these tasks.

Two free afternoons for focused study

After the interview with Regina Ruduvini, the high school graduate from our steps homes in Gobabis, I realized once again how difficult it is to learn for school in the informal settlements environment. Regina does the reception at the steps Multipurposehouse in the mornings, writes CVs and copies, helps other children from our steps homes and guardian angel program with their homework in the afternoon classes.

Regina Ruduvini at the reception in the Multipurposehouse

Then she goes to her home, where she lives with 17 other family members in a confined space in a corrugated iron hut and takes care of her little child and her siblings. When everyone is in bed, she studies by candlelight or in the light of her cell phone for her matric (equated with the Abitur). Of course, a solar lamp would help, but unfortunately the solar panels will on the roof robbed quickly. That's why, thanks to a donor, we are now buying a portable solar lamp that Regina takes to the office during the day.
To give Regina more time to study, we decided to give her two afternoons a week off and give her a quiet room so that she can study undisturbed.

Who is Clenda?

Clenda Miranda
In the last newsletter I got you from Clenda, Ndapeua and Johanna tells. All three grew up in Okakarara as steps guardian angel children and have now made it to Windhoek to study. Our national coordinator, Ulrike Mai, is pleasantly surprised on her first visit to the small apartment in which the three of them have recently been living: she found accurately folded, clean laundry in the wardrobes and a tidy apartment. Despite her studies and the hustle and bustle in the first semester, Clenda found time to tell us a little more about herself.
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She also campaigned for a planned one Study trip to Namibia on the 5th day to visit our project in Okakarara. We are delighted with this idea and hope that the autumn trip will take place as planned.
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