Hamburg in August 2021
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Dear steps friends,
the corona situation in Namibia was meanwhile dramatic The highest new infections with over 1.400 per day and incidences over 450 occurred at the end of June. Fortunately, the incidences are declining a bit at this point in time, but the number of deaths remains high. Vaccine donations from the USA and Europe have been announced and BioNTech / Pfizer production in South Africa is planned. More on this in the
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In this situation it was excellent that, thanks to the generous donations, we were able to purchase ventilators: this alleviated suffering and saved lives.
The school holidays were officially up to 4.8. extended and our projects also have to adhere to the long closings so that all crowds can be avoided. As in the two previous waves of infections, unemployment has risen sharply again. People don't have enough money to eat and feed their families. That is why the steps employees are on site with food packages quickly active to prevent hunger. How you can support this campaign, how many ventilators already through your generous Support You can read in the following articles what happens to the sewing room from Okakarara.
I thank you very much, that you continue to support us so wonderfully and helps us in a variety of ways. These sad and stressful last weeks were not easy to endure and required strong solidarity on site, but also here in Hamburg. Thank you.
Michael Hoppe


"An empty stomach is bad advice."

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Albert Einstein once said that and we at steps also support this statement. Because our soup kitchens all had to be closed again in the projectsTo avoid crowds, the on-site staff organized and distributed food packages again.
The food is meant to last for 1 month and requires a wheelbarrow to be transported home_
This time we had food parcels packed for a month for the Minimize contacts and to make as few trips as possible to those affected in the informal settlements. Support the meal packages that are twice as large for our project children and their relatives at our locations.

The food that is packed in the supermarkets for steps families with flour, salt and sugar, vegetables and fruit, soup, juice and hygiene products such as soap is enough for 1 month.
1 package for 1 month costs 80 €

How a grandmother cares for 21 grandchildren

This granny (Hero) is looking after 21 (!!!!) Children! Her household was given two food parcels.
17-year-old Samson has a dream: he would like to build a house with running water and electricity for his grandmother and a refrigerator with food in it. Dhe 58-year-old cares for her 21 grandchildren alone and lives in a small hut in the informal settlement of Vyf Rand in Okahandja. She collects bones, which she resells in order to be able to buy the daily meals for her protégés.
Meme Kauna from our partner project Ileni Tulikwafeni has made sure that this woman, who has been left alone with all grandchildren by her children without financial support, receives sufficient food packages for all children.

The whole article about the faithful grandmother Secilia Nayambe you find HERE

So that breathing is easier

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We thank you very much for the generous help with which we are already
a respirator for oxygen cylinders and
three ventilators that produce the oxygen themselves, could buy. In the meantime, several lives have been made easier and they will help sick people to breathe better in the future. If the devices are not in use, they are stored centrally in Windhoek with our national coordinator, so that we can act quickly if necessary.
A very large donation came together through the fundraising campaign initiated by two of our former volunteers. You were at steps for children in Rehoboth for three months in 2018 and have a lot with the one who recently died of Covid Milly Bock worked together and supported them in their projects. Now, together with their friends and families, they are collecting a support contribution for the funeral and maintenance for the bereaved in the coming months as well as for the procurement of ventilators.

Here you can see the fundraising campaign and help out:
Dear Hella, dear Miriam, we thank you very much for your great help,
for your support and your commitment!

New benefits for the old sewing room

Thanks to a generous donor, we can build a new sewing room in Okakarara. A larger house in a solid construction with an expanded showroom and a larger workshop area, in which space is created for additional sewing machines, can increase both production and sales in the post-corona period.

But why should we scrap the zinc walls and the roof of the previous sewing workshop?
The old building moves to Ongombombonde and then serves a new purpose: it is converted into living and storage rooms. Our vegetable garden is located in Ongombombonde, 8 kilometers away, where we grow cabbage, beetroot and maize, among other things.
Convinced of Hendrik's green thumb
Chili fan play
Thanks to Hendrik vegetable growing is going wonderfully. There are hardly any more losses and we trust in Hendrik and his plans, to expand the acreage and for that too more employees adjust. In this way we create more jobs and also get more vegetables and plants for sale and the soup kitchens.
Create living space
Some employees come from distant villages to Ongombombonde, which is why additional living spaces are necessary. We now want to build this with the materials of the previous sewing room.

Support our sustainable project and
Donate for the construction of the living space:


Then we would be delighted if you would forward this newsletter to your friends, family and relatives.

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The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 in Hamburg by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded. It now operates at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where it is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the poor neighborhoods. Over 3.000 children can take part in education and take a warm meal every day at steps and its partner projects.

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You can make full donations to the steps for children foundation against income tax. You will automatically receive a certificate the following month after receipt of your donation.

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