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Dear steps friends,
Lockdown phase 3 began in Namibia on June 3. This means that the children who take their Matrik (comparable to the Abitur) this year are allowed to go back to school, all under given protective measures. It is planned to start school up to grade 22 on June 3nd, and then by the end of July all the other grade levels should be able to return to their schools.
Our task in the projects is now that Implement the necessary disinfection measures for almost 3.000 children, teenagers and teachers. An almost impossible task in the circumstances that exist on site. And we continue to supply Thanks to the wonderful help of our donors and supporters over 3.000 children and adolescents and their families healthy food. On behalf of the whole steps community, I thank you very much for the numerous support.

Your Michael Hoppe


For the hands

Loosening the lockdown is associated with considerable problems for us: The Namibian government expects that not only the necessary distance will be maintained, but that every single person who comes into our projects will step inside any rooms and also disinfected the hands in between. In addition, there are all surfaces in the rooms that must be cleaned at the beginning and at regular intervals during the day. Especially sanitary facilities, door handles, telephones, light switches, computer mice and keyboards, tables, toys and: the satchels and bags of the children.
They are also in Namibia Disinfectants are scarce and have become considerably more expensive. This is difficult for us to finance. Approx. 50 liters of disinfectant required (the number of liters is adjusted in relation to the size of the project) - and that probably for the next 4 months.
Hygiene Gobabis (8)
You help us with one Donation for disinfectants that we will have to distribute regularly to our projects over the next few months:
5 liters = 39 €

For the forehead

Furthermore, at least one forehead clinical thermometer is required for each project (or several for larger projects) in order to be able to quickly measure the temperature of everyone who enters the project and to immediately recognize symptoms of the virus if necessary.
1 clinical thermometer = € 42,50

For mouth and nose

first prototypes sewn. Distribution to staff of the steps projects
So far it could 400 masks in our projects distributed to the cooks, teachers, cleaning staff and guardian angel children. They are handmade in our sewing room in Okakarara.

For the stomach

Even if the number of infected people has changed only slightly, the economic situation of most residents remains very difficult. Thanks to the support of many donors in Germany and Switzerland, we have not only been able to provide well over 3.000 people with food in the past few weeks, but also significantly improve the quality of the diet.
90 children and relatives provided for_healthy food_ June 3rd_Boomerang
90 children and relatives provided for_healthy food_ June 3rd_Boomerang (9)
90 children and relatives provided for_healthy food_ June 3rd_Boomerang (2)

Fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy vitamin boost are served daily in our soup kitchens.

Children stand at_IT_Okah (7) _kl

In Okahandja, for example, 562 children received food for themselves and their relatives in one day - a total of well over 1.000 portions were served at this one location alone.

Solarofen_IT_Okah (4) _kl

The solar oven is already being used here.

Unfortunately, over 200 other children, teenagers and adults had to be rejected because the capacity of the kitchen no longer allowed. In order to be able to prepare even more meals in the future, we brought one of the numerous donated solar ovens from our carpentry in Gobabis to Okahandja, where we can now cook additional food and also bake bread.
Further solar ovens are currently being built and made available to other projects. Once the projects have been taken care of, they will later be given to our employees.

How do the steps set teachers?
learning around?

At the moment, the preschools are still closed and we want to enable the children to study at home. Additional school books are not to be paid for, so in order to enable so-called "homeschooling", we have copied the necessary chapters and given them to the children with lots of paper and pens.
Support us with a contribution for the additional costs incurred.

If you are looking for pens, toners and
Want to donate paper,
can you
Have in some of our projects steps homes Children and Guardian Angel Child even under the prevailing conditions, the opportunity to regularly learn together with your teachers and supervisors in the projects and to work on your tasks there, which is particularly valuable in this particular situation, which is also very difficult for the children, because the steps employees trustworthy contacts for all children the steps projects are outside the family circle. The children appreciate this very much.
Sofia assist Steps Homes children with homework. They come here that we can print it

In Gobabis: steps homes Children and Guardian Angel Child come to the computer school and go through their tasks in small groups or individually with their caregivers.

Otto Xamseb Guardians Angles are studying although it's looked down_OGH (4) _kl

They also want to in Rehoboth Guardian Angel Child learning continues despite the limitations.

Learn in Lockdown SE + SH Kinder Otavi (6)

As for the 15th Guardian Angel- and steps homes Children who are looked after together and have enough space can also be learned here.


Here's something for the ears

Karin Stoß, owner of the travel agency Kalahari Afrika Spezial Safaris from Dresden, travelers are happy to recommend accommodation and a tour of our projects and use bags from our sewing room in Okakarara to send travel documents, invited Michael Hoppe for a chat in May ...

Here's something for the ears

Shortened and still good

We do not yet know when we will be able to open the projects to volunteers again, when the borders will open and the airlines will resume flights. But it is certain that volunteering is a great experience for the volunteers as well as for the children, young people and employees on site ...

Shortened and still good

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