Hamburg, December 03, 2023
Winter has arrived here in Germany - in Namibia, however, the summer holidays are about to begin. Exams will take place shortly beforehand. A lot was learned in the steps facilities - the children and young people were particularly supported in the afternoon by our volunteers, who can usually help a lot with math and English. Our steps students are also looking forward to the Christmas break with a smile.

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We wish you a cozy 1st Advent weekend and a wonderful time in December.

Michael Hoppe


steps is a safe space for children in the middle of Namibia

On our last project trip we of course also visited our guardian angel children. A lot of progress can be seen, some have even proudly presented their achievements from physical education lessons, the spelling bee or some subjects. We are impressed by their commitment. We notice - they want to learn and they ask questions. It's a huge success for us that they see steps for children as an educational institution and come regularly to afternoon care. They have learned - here they can work for the school, here they are heard and noticed. They also feel a bit at home here.
Not the first certificate for Elifaz
On our project trip we meet the quiet 17 year old in the afternoon in Gobabis, his hometown. He goes to Epako High School and his favorite subjects are science, social studies and mathematics - which he is also pretty good at. He was also deputy head boy. He regularly receives good reports and certificates for his good performance at school. His favorite subjects have now changed - he is now more interested in history and geography.
The best defender in football
Gill-Roy received recognition as the "best defender" in football from his school this school year. The committed defender trains regularly at school and plays football with other children on the grounds at steps before afternoon lessons. Markel Xamses, Otto Xamseb's project manager, would like to thank you very much for the balls, which were presented to the steps projects by a donor.
Gill-Roy was born in the dusty town of Rehoboth in 2009 and began his kindergarten time with Otto Xamseb - today he attends the Origo School and comes to class in the afternoons. In 2021 he lost his grandmother to Covid 19. A year we will all never forget.

He has always played street soccer. It wasn't until he was at school that he joined the school soccer team - "but he still plays street soccer everyday," Markel tells us.

These are just a few examples that confirm our work - there are more to come, look forward to it! Overall, there are many other guardian angel children who need our and your support.
Become a guardian angel now for Christmas and give children and young people educational opportunities and joy.
With 31 € per month you support our little guardian angel children,
our larger ones at €61 per month.
Or give the gift of a learning trip
Enables our steps children and young people to explore their own country. Many of them have not even been to the capital Windhoek, others have not yet been able to properly discover the local wildlife.
1 excursion per child costs €49

steps guardian angel children are now steps students

Together with our supporters, we can offer educational opportunities and enable some children who are now young adults to receive training or study. It's fantastic to watch them develop, take on responsibility in their new realities and learn new skills.
Regina and Nicolette are just two of the students who had to prove themselves at university this year - and did so. They would like to thank you - because without the steps team on site in Namibia, who looks after them with care and is always available - and without our donors who provide continuous support, this would not be possible.

The former guardian angel girl Regina from Gobabis becomes a midwife and studies in Kombat

"I wish you all could be here to feel the joy I feel today. Thank you, steps, for being the reason I smile, thank you for lighting up my world, thank you for being an important part of my story, for always believing in me - I can't even begin to explain how much you love me helped and plays a big role on my path to success. All my appreciation goes to Jacky, Mary, Uli, Sofia, Manfred - but especially to Dr. Michael Hoppe and all the donors who play a big role in my life."

Nicolette also went from being a guardian angel child to being a student. She's going to be a nurse.

"I really don't know where and how to start expressing my gratitude because the help I receive from you has really changed my life for the better. Without your support I wouldn't have been able to get this far. I really appreciate your support and kindness. May all the blessings and strength from above fall on my supporters so that they continue to help us and others who want to complete their studies. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and giving me happiness and joy, thank you for the love I get from all of you."

Now our steps students with 91 € a month support.


Celebrate Christmas with steps

Your Christmas party for empowerment! Would you like to celebrate Christmas with your friends and acquaintances, your work team or your family and are currently organizing a Christmas party? Then ask the guests at your Christmas party this year for donations instead of gifts. This is how you help young people in Namibia to have a chance at a future worth living through steps for children...

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Celebrate Christmas with steps
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