Hamburg, March 08, 2024
This year steps for children comes of age and We are celebrating 18 years of the steps Okakarara location! There will be a celebration on site in Okakarara with the steps children and young people, employees, friends and companions from Namibia.
And you can be there: We'll join you a little later after the celebration on March 15.3.2024, XNUMX with small videos and pictures on our social media LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram mit.
Over the years we have been able to experience many stories and encounters - the inauguration of the site in Okakarara, the first meeting with the chief and the volunteers who have come to us since 2008 to get actively involved.

But we are also curious about your story – what do you associate with Okakarara? What local experiences do you remember? Here you can post your own contribution in ours steps guestbook write.

Now we hope you enjoy browsing.
Michael Hoppe


Are there questions that you have always wanted to ask steps?

Send your questions in advance by 13.3.2024 to us by email The board members Michael Hoppe and Andreas Roß will visit the projects shortly, will be happy to take your questions with them to Namibia and will try to answer them.
Note: Please clearly state in the email whether your name can be mentioned or not.

Milestones in Okakarara

We have a compilation of the most important events for you, in chronological order. Maybe you'll discover something that interests you?

Thank you for supporting our journey with steps for children - our vision and supporting us in every situation.

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In Namibia for 18 years

In Namibia for 18 years
In Namibia for 18 years – a milestone for project manager Sonja Schneider-Waterberg. In a short interview, she takes us back to her time there and how it all came about. Actually, every steps supporter also knows the Okakarara location – the place where it all began. Dear Sonja, you have been there since the beginning - just like foundation founder Michael Hoppe, and have experienced all of the first times in Namibia: the founding in the Red Cross House, the...

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The first steps volunteer

Ivy came to Okakarara in 2008 as the first steps volunteer - straight after graduating from school, she worked for others and helped actively. She tells us in a short interview what exactly she did and what she still remembers.

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How can you take part in your birthday?

For the 18th birthday The steps facility is happy about funding and support. This serves primarily to further develop the facility, but also to make necessary improvements to the school buildings.

Entry in our guestbook

Do you remember a special experience in Okakarara that you would like to share with others? Write it in the birthday guestbook and send it to the children and young people your birthday greetings!

Make a donation for your 18th birthday

Ob €18, €180, €1800, €18.000, €1.800.000 or €18.000.000 - every contribution helps us to advance the further development of our educational institutions and to support children and young people on their educational journey.

Learning and craft materials

Learning and craft materials such as colored pencils, paper, scissors, pencils, coloring books, erasers, glue sticks, twine and thicker yarn as well as many other products fpromote the development of the steps children in kindergarten and preschool in our facilities.

With €23 we can provide a child with learning and craft materials for a year.

Support the soup kitchen

Are healthy meals important to you? Then donate to our steps soup kitchen and ensure regular healthy meals for the children and young people with an amount of your choice.

For more garden health!

The vegetables for meals come from Ongombombonde. Our steps vegetable cultivation is there. We are supplied with fresh vegetables every day! You can support vegetable cultivation with a donation here:

Renovation work on school buildings

Support the renovation of the classrooms and school buildings in Okakarara with an amount of your choice. Donate here for paint and brushes:

Start your own fundraising campaign

Start your own fundraising campaign for Okakarara! Find something clear Keyword for example “Sarah's fundraising campaign for Okakarara” and get your personal donation link from us - so you can start your own campaign and collect donations for steps in Okakarara.
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The steps for children foundation was founded in Hamburg in 2005 by Dr. Founded by Michael Hoppe. She now works at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where she is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the slums. Over 2.000 children can take part in education every day at steps and the partner projects and eat a warm meal.

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