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Dear steps friends,
in Namibia it still prevails State of Emergency. Some of the farmers and other employers use the lockdown as a reason to fire their long-standing employees. Are currently over 950.000 people in unemployment. That is more than half of the Namibian population capable of work, and the economic hardship is correspondingly great. Thanks to their excellent connections, our national coordinators made it there, despite the existing protective measures Exemption for the Opening of the soup kitchen to get in our projects.
Hamburg in May 2020
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With this and with the help of our donors, we would like to continue in the coming months over 3.000 people each five times a week provide with food!
On behalf of the entire steps community I thank you from the bottom of my heart with all of you for your commitment and interest in our work. The encouragement and great willingness to help reinforces our actions and gives us strength to continue, even if the situation challenges us.

Your Michael Hoppe


It continues like this

The The emergency is until the end of September proclaimed - despite the officially only 16 corona infected. Circulations change almost every day, phase 2 has now entered into force with minor relief and opening of some shops. We and our partner projects plan at least for the next 5 months with significant additional expenses through increased and healthier eating.

The reality of our projects is diverse, depending on the location, different measures are taken to reach as many children and their relatives as possible. But it is uniform that we distribute additional portions per child, so that their relatives get something healthy to eat.


In Gobabis can pick up over 200 children in groups of 10 five days a week. In addition, we use our solar ovens to bake bread to feed even more people.
"What strikes like a sunflower is the solar oven" our national coordinator Peik Bruhns happily tells. The Solar oven is used by the staff in Gobabis with pleasure, as several breads are ready within only 2 hours. The Corona crisis has shown how important additional and inexpensive baking capacities are. Especially if the oven works so practically on the side and every child can also take a few slices of bread home with them to bring other relatives something to eat.
A Special permit for small businesses the carpentry is allowed to resume work and produce additional solar ovens for the other projects and employees. In the steps carpentry the only solar furnaces in the east of Namibia have been built for a few years. The ovens come in two different sizes: Chicken Size and Goat Size. With the help of solar radiation you can cook as well as bake. In one Video Carpenter Romario answers questions and demonstrates how it works.
Solar oven Gobabis Brotbacken_ret_play

The steps carpenter Romario (left) shows steps employees the Chicken Size solar oven and explains how it works.

We would like to equip our partner projects as well as our employees for private use with solar ovens for additional bread, so that they too can provide relatives and neighbors in the private environment.

Participate in the opportunity to feed even more people!

Chicken size solar oven = 145 €


In Okahandja, a location where we had just started working on the Ileni Tulikwafeni project with an income-generating step, the need is excessive because the previous main supporter has gone bankrupt and can no longer guarantee help.
For the time of the crisis, we will continue to hand out food packets here, as there were riots in the soup kitchen during normal operation due to the excessive influx. 200 packages for 7 people each are picked up once a week in the project and additional firewood is included, because the people here are too poor to buy firewood themselves.
7 people per week per package
Contents: staple foods such as corn, rice, oil, salt, soup and apples

1 food package including firewood = 25 €

Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okakarara

The Boomerang in Windhoek, Otto Gamseb House and Bridge of Hope in Rehoboth and in okakarara the children come in small groups five times a week and pick up the food for themselves and 2 other family members in their own containers. This means that the distribution takes several hours a day. In addition, we supplement normal meals with vegetables or fruit.
Soup kitchen OGH (8)

Queuing at the soup kitchen in Otto Gamseb House with your own containers from home.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-11 12.54.06 at

In Bridge of Hope it is also wonderfully playful with the distance in front of the soup kitchen!

With 40 € you finance the food for 3 people

5 days a week for 1 month!

Learn to smile with your eyes

steps OKK staff tasks
There is now also one in Namibia general mask requirement, which is why the large mask sewing begins in the sewing workshop in Okakarara: first for the Care for all steps employees. Friends and neighbors from different locations have collected fabric remnants and sent them to the sewing shop. In addition to the corona crisis, winter is coming in Namibia and there is growing concern about a new wave of infections. The masks also help against this.


Sewing is everywhere

These days, we also receive great reports and photos of sewing campaigns and event donations from our steps community.

The kindergarten teacher Christine Leege has been in Gobabis for a month every year since 2011 and can't stand by. While her kindergarten is closed, she uses the time and sends masks for donation to her kindergarten parents and friends.

Carina masks

Carina Marxsen, just returned from Okakarara as one of the last ones from Namibia, is slowly returning home. As she organizes her future, she sews masks and distributes them around the neighborhood.

Luise Dechow_ Masks 2020 (1) _kl
Luise Dechow_ Masks 2020 (4) _kl

Louise Dechow was in Okakarara for 2019 months in 6 and is now sewing the 75th mask here with her mother! They will be sent to friends and acquaintances for a donation for steps for children.

Our sincere thanks go to all active steps supporters

in the foreground and background.

Your feedback gives us strength

dr Jan Borck_kl
"Our trust in the work of your organization is absolute. We were able to see the work and the results for ourselves, feel the joy of the helpers in doing something great here." means Dr. Jan Borck, who traveled to Namibia with his wife Kathi in 2017 and also visited steps in Okakarara. "As a teacher, Kathi knows what children and institutions that have almost nothing need to guarantee halfway tuition."
Dear Dr. Borck, we danken You and your wife warmly for the trust in our work on site and in Hamburg and are very happy about
Your positive feedback.

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Help for children in need: https://stepsforchildren.de/wir-tun-was
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