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Dear steps friends,
from Namibia we get frosty news. Not only is the number of corona cases increasing every day (there are now well over 500 infections in total), winter has also arrived there and blankets and winter clothing are needed. The hungry are increasing every day and we have received requests to postpone payments. But there is also positive news:
All of our employees and the children and teenagers looked after are healthy and with your help we continue to reach over 3.000 people a day with hot meals. Also read: the report on its general gratifying development of the vegetable garden and the consequences. Even if I cannot travel to Namibia in our projects this year, I am informed about the situation in weekly discussions with our National Coordinator Team and the project managers and we coordinate the necessary solutions together.
Knowing you at our side gives us strength and confidence to solve the ever new problems. Thank you very much for your support.

Your Michael Hoppe


When woolen blankets learn to walk

While we sweat pleasantly in the office here in Hamburg and look forward to cooling off at night, winter broke out in Namibia. Up to - 5 degrees For a few hours, the temperatures drop in some regions at night. In many huts, the steps children have to share a blanket with three or four people, and these blankets regularly disappear. Due to the living conditions in the huts, the ceilings were badly affected. Dust, sand and vermin affect them. Ventilation is avoided in order not to expose them to the risk of theft. Blankets from the previous year, if still available, can no longer be used as heat sources.
Winter clothes and blankets OGH June 2020 (2)
You help with your donation

170 blankets will be URGENT thats it!
1 blanket = € 17
Winter clothing 2020_Gobabis (5)
The steps - children are happy about Da donation for warm clothes for the cold season.

1 winter school uniform = 49 €
1x warm clothes per child = 39 €

The lines for eating are getting longer

Soup kitchen OGH_June 2020 (10)
We are increasingly noticing that, despite all efforts, hungry mouths have to be turned away every now and then because the capacity limits of our soup kitchens have been reached on some days. Of course, this leads to conflicts of conscience. Meme Kauna, project manager in Okahandja, writes: "The community that I am serving is really in need. I can't chase a child away because of food… let them eat what's there. Let them share. " So the last portions are getting smaller, so that everyone gets something. Most recently, over 1.000 children a day were provided with meals in Okahandja alone.

With your help we can do it together with our partner projects on site over 3.000 children and Relatives with 5 meals a week.

Healthy Diet_Gobabis (2)
Vitamins_Gobabis_COVID19_Measures (16)

In order to strengthen the immune system in this cold time, we are now distributing vitamin tablets to children, adolescents and employees again.

Vitamins Gobabis Corona

Happy vegetables are asking for help with sale

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-29 11.23.47 at

Vegetables for a week for the soup kitchen from our own vegetable cultivation.

Steps has had a new vegetable growing consultant since February 2020. With great success, because the harvest is so good that not only our project in okakarara with it, but the excess vegetables can be sold to other school canteens and sometimes also at market stalls in more distant cities. However, this poses a problem for us: we need a suitable means of transport.


Donate partially or completely a used pick-up for the sale of vegetables at our Ongombombonde / Okakarara location, thereby making higher proceeds possible.

The proceeds will be after deduction of running costs

used directly to pay the cost of preschool.


between € 10 and € 12.000

With a larger donation request contact Michael Hoppe
please at

Marathon chickens move in

Marathon chickens move in
In Okahandja In the last days before the corona pandemic, the almost 100 square meter chicken coop was completed. What has happened in the meantime and which chickens are moving into the barn to be sold later and thus generate income for the Ileni Tulikwafeni project ...


Unemployment and no money for rent and school fees

Unemployment and the lack of government revenue mean considerable losses for steps too. Rents in our rental apartments can sometimes not be paid, the state does not pay rent for rented school rooms and parents cannot pay school fees. So the lease for the school in Rehoboth cannot be paid. Our income generating steps are still active, however, significantly less total revenue is expected this year. Fortunately, some donors have agreed to donate to us for these failures.
Many thanks to all donors and supporters
I am very grateful to the many donors who help us in this crisis to finance the increased number of meals and the better quality of the food as well as the loss of income, as well as the additional costs for the disinfection measures and the necessary clinical thermometers.

Measure and disinfect fever

Here you can see a small photo gallery of how the projects use the donated products. Ivanshia, director of Bridge of Hope, uses the clinical thermometer in a guardian angel child.



If with Amazon, then smile

Amazon-Smile_EShop and do good
If you want to shop on Amazon, just think of steps next time. AmazonSmile has paid us a total of € 3 within the last 572,41 years. Thank you for thinking about it! That's how it works: About log in and then select steps for children on the selection page for organizations. You buy at no additional cost, as always, only now 0,5% of your purchase price goes to steps.

Help even without a donation

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