Hamburg in October 2020
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Dear steps friends,
"Yes, the virus is deadly, however we are aware that poverty also kills ", says Namibian President Geingob in his statement on the situation on September 17, 2020. Since March there has been a massive economic slump in Namibia, a country already shaken by recession and drought.
As in our information over the last few months, we must again focus on the livelihoods of people, which have deteriorated further and further due to the loss of many day labor jobs and other sources of income in the tourism industry. The work of steps for children is all the more important and our local cooperation partners in the slums - a living environment in which reserves or even reserves are out of the question.
I am very grateful for the support we have received from you - whether it is personal feedback, the forwarding of this newsletter or a donation. Without you, steps for children would not be able to provide the extensive relief measures. Thank you!
Michael Hoppe


The virus can hit everyone, but it doesn't hit everyone equally.

The German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier warns in “DIE ZEIT” to support Welthungerhilfe and highlights the economic consequences of the corona crisis: “Fields are not tilled, the harvest is not brought in. Millions are losing their jobs and can no longer support their families ”.
The long lines in front of our soup kitchens in all projects don't stop.
With a € 40 donation you will the food for 1 child + 2 relatives 5 days a week Funded for 1 month.
Soup Kitchen Gobabis (13)


In the meantime, the children's containers have to be cleaned and disinfected by our employees on site because there is not enough water or money for water in the huts or at the water points. The risk of neglect for children is steadily increasing.
A donation for steps for children does so much. Because the portions are not only used for one child, but for two other relatives. Many of the children go home with their meals to share in the family. And it is at least as important - we are the emotional contact point for the children, who are currently not all fully educated and who urgently need contact persons for their worries and fears!

Okakarara and Ongombombonde

Despite everything, something is happening in the projects: In our vegetable garden in ongombombade there is still a lot to do for all employees, the sown vegetables grow and flourish. However, in the last stormy days the tarpaulin was partially lifted from the large greenhouse. The biggest challenge now is to pull the tarpaulin back over the scaffolding. Fortunately, the material seems intact and "only" has to be screwed back on - not an easy task because the scaffolding is high and the ladder has to be very long.

The green pepper has hit it here and has to do without protection for a few days.

The vegetable garden is always happy to receive seeds and fertilizers, in order to ensure our healthy nutrition in the future steps children and young people to contribute.

Seeds and fertilizer for one month cost 29 €.


Can you actually travel to Namibia again?

In the meantime you can theoretically enter Namibia again. Exceptions to this are of course risk areas such as Switzerland, Austria or even some cities in Germany. South Africa has classified all of Germany as a risk area, Namibia will probably follow suit. Tourism, which has just started to grow again, is threatened again, and poverty, especially in the informal settlements, continues to rise.
The guesthouse in okakarara is in operation with very few bookings and hosts a few guests from Namibia. For everyone else who is longing for Namibia and steps in Okakarara at this time, there is a little one here Guest house tour - The next trip can be dreamed of ...
Guest house tour Oka_Standbild

Lessons in the projects

Kita_Oka_Corona 2

In Ongombombonde, the steps children are taught and looked after in the day care center - with masks and distance.

We are still far from normal at the project locations. Under different conditions, smaller groups of students and large distances are used - "the new normal ". Children and young people come to the projects at different times. Our pedagogues do everything to restore normal everyday life and to offer stability.

Dynamic change in gobabis


Team of steps for children in Gobabis in a virtual meeting with Michael Hoppe in Hamburg, founder and
1. Chairman of the steps for children foundation.

At a virtual meeting With the team of steps for children Gobabis and the board members in Germany, Henk Olwage, founder of Light for the Children and cooperation partner of steps for children since 2010, explains that he would like to shift his focus to operational and organizational board work in the Trust Steps for Children Namibia .
He will now pass on his many years of work as a project manager at the Gobabis site for steps for children to Jackie Sanjath, who has been looking after the guest house for over a year. She is looking forward to her new role and is motivated to work together with the employees.

The utilization of the Guest house is lower according to the circumstances. In the joinery work is in progress, smaller orders come from the local area, but are not sufficient to cover costs.

Girls Club and Boys Club Gobabis

Girls club in Gobabis with Regina and Sophia (1)
As already announced in the last newsletter, for the first time the Girls club and the Boys club took place. Guardian angel and steps homes children have devoted themselves to gender-separated important topics and questions that are currently of particular concern to them.

Chicken farming in Okahandja

In Okahandja the first 25 chickens from our chicken coop were sold, the self-bred chickens now lay eggs.


A wonderful success

wph_Golf-Charity_2019_ (c) Rolf Otzipka Photography.

© Rolf Otzipka. Icon image.

For a long time it was not foreseeable whether the participants would take part in our steps Charity golf tournament in Switzerland or under what conditions. But to our great joy it actually took place in the summer on July 19, 2020.


Not a normal donation run

EvaR_SophiaS_SophiaH_Gerollt on the doorstep_Christianeum
The pupils of the Hamburg Christianeum high school have before the summer vacation thinking about something really great. Since a big donation run with everyone and a lot of hustle and bustle was of course out of the question, the children and young people organizes its donation run decentrally and according to its own ideas. What exactly did that look like?


A strong partner

Check handover Prost_ Stuttgart 2020_ CR Sascha Baumann _ Heart

The check was handed over in Stuttgart.
Sasha Baumann

When the check was handed over, Martina Pracht from steps for children thanked them personally Kerstin Thiel (here on the left in the picture), board member of the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa (EPFfA) for the long-term and trusting cooperation that has developed in recent years. Since 2016 ...


Hole in One for steps for children

wph winner photo

Hans Detlef Voss, owner of the Weidenhof Golf Club in Pinneberg, presents Oliver Seitner with the certificate for the "Hole in One" at hole 1, and Simon Vollmer (wph) is beaming.

Anyone who plays golf knows that one stroke is a lot Training, skill and some luck requires. It's like winning the lottery for a golfer. With just one stroke, Oliver Seitner succeeds on September 3, 2020 at the 4th wph charity golf tournament in favor of steps for children to sink the ball on hole 1 in the Weidenhof Golf Park in Pinneberg with a length of 254 meters.



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The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 in Hamburg by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded. It now operates at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where it is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the poor neighborhoods. Over 2.000 children can take part in education and take a warm meal every day at steps and its partner projects.

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You can make full donations to the steps for children foundation against income tax. You will automatically receive a certificate the following month after receipt of your donation.

With kind regards

Michael Hoppe

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