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Dear steps friends,
While it has long seemed that Namibia would be largely spared from COVID-19 (June 11: 30 cases), the infection rate is now increasing exponentially every day (September 4: 8.514 cases). Unfortunately, Namibia is now at the top in terms of cases of infection per 100.000 inhabitants in Africa.
Therefore, the Namibian President had to start August the schools up to grade 9 close again. In our projects, the daycare, kindergarten and preschool operations remain closed, but the older guardian angel children and steps homes children will continue to be looked after and given tutoring in the afternoon. We can therefore only do our training in to a limited extent. Since the renewed lockdown will make the economic - and thus also the nutritional problems - more dramatic, we are increasingly taking over the nutrition not only of our own steps project children, but also for large parts of the population in the vicinity of our projects. The soup kitchens are still open, the queues are getting longer and longer.
Especially in this extraordinary time, the support from you - whether private person, practice, school or foundation - is something very valuable. Some ideas that have been implemented recently we present here and thank you very much for the great commitment.
Michael Hoppe


Soup kitchens open despite school closings again

Since the economic situation of the residents in the informal settlements has deteriorated drastically due to the long lockdown, there are more people waiting in line with us every day. Handing out a warm meal per day to every child in need is very important at this time when very few children can be cared for at home. In some projects, over 1.300 needy children stand in line for a meal every day, sometimes we have to let the last go without a portion because it is simply not enough. On some days we cook for over 3.000 children and young people, often considerably more.

With 40 € you finance food for 1 person an

5 days a week For 1 month.

A packet of vitamins and hygiene

Employee_Masken_OGH (5)
Due to the rapidly increasing number of infected people in Namibia do we need more disinfectants, face masks and additional vitamins, in order to at least adequately protect our steps children and employees and to continue to adhere to the hygiene measures in order to be able to provide people with food.
+ Vitamin tablets
+ Soap
+ Masks
= 35 €

Small study groups in the afternoon

GA Boys busy completing their math homework_Gobabis June 2020 (1)
The older guardian angel and steps homes children can still come to the projects in the afternoon and gratefully accept the learning and care offerings in small groups.


A new home for education and work in Gobabis

The steps children in front of the soup kitchen in Gobabis
The multifunctional building in Gobabis was completed before the corona crisis. Now guardian angel and steps homes children can be looked after in the afternoon here in the classroom, a copier easily makes copies and offers are also planned for the community of gobabis.


Update on the steps vegetable garden

The winter vegetables are coming to an end. Tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, honeydew melon and pumpkin have been sown or are just being implemented. In order to deliver the harvested vegetables to the surrounding school canteens and more distant towns and to sell them there, donations can be made here for a used pick-up that will also be used as a sales stand for small street markets.
With the missing € 3.000 we can finally go to the Go looking for a suitable vehicle!
The employees who maintain and order the vegetable garden in Ongombombonde are highly motivated and are currently facing the greatest challenge. Which one can do LEARN HERE.


Become more independent through project progress

Currently, the situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated dramatically, similar to that in Namibia. There are also over 6.500 cases of infection here. Hyperinflation creates additional economic hardship,
SW_Zimbabwe 2019 (25)
Added to this are the droughts of recent years, which continue to worsen the food situation. On top now comes the corona crisis - Angela Muriithi, the country director of Plan International Zimbabwe, speaks of one "Triple challenge". Anyone who can take refuge in rural regions and hope to get something to eat there. There it shows how important and right it was to invest in income-generating steps such as fish ponds, chicken rearing or bees, as these now help the communities to survive. We look with pride on the previous project successes at the Mutare and Mutasa locations, which are constantly developing and are already supported by the community members' initiative. LEARN MORE


We are a foundation that relies on the support of many people in order to be able to provide sustainable aid in Namibia and to offer children and young people in need educational opportunities. So that at some point they can stand on their own two feet. Everyone deserves this chance. That is why we are pleased about your multifaceted commitment!

Singing ambassador for steps for children

Eva Keretic is a singer songwriter. In 2016 she was in Gobabis for the first time and recorded the steps song together with the children. She also supported our food campaign in April and singing reports now about their motivation and the experiences with the children in Gobabis.
Dear Eva, thank you very much for supporting the children of steps for children and the foundation's concept in so many ways!

Donate dental gold like the Mannherz team from Miltenberg

Team Dental Practice Dr. Man heart

Practice team Mannherz

More and more dentists support steps for children. So too Dental practice Dr. Man heartwho put up a tooth gold box. A three-digit sum was raised by the generous patients. We thank you very much on behalf of the entire steps team for this donation.
I know a nice dentist who is interested.
Please send me a tooth gold box.

Actually, they wanted to dance

Bergstedt district school_kl

Photo from left: Alina Brömmer, Kilian Grünig, Leann Köppe

We are always very happy when we receive a donation like the Bergstedt district school. Actually, of course, the senior year wanted to celebrate properly and organize a graduation ball. But this year everything was different.



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The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 in Hamburg by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded. It now operates at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where it is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the poor neighborhoods. Over 2.000 children can take part in education and take a warm meal every day at steps and its partner projects.

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