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Dear steps friends,
We are starting the year 2021 full of power - now even in Dubai with the fastest advertisement ever for steps (see below). The children are eagerly awaiting the late start of school due to the corona, and preparations are in full swing in the projects to provide all children with school supplies. Unfortunately, we also get difficult news from Namibia: Between March and September there are more pregnancies among school-age girls - the time when schools are closed.
How the steps projects deal with it, you can find out in this newsletter.

Also for this year I wish you good health and confidence and would like to Thank you once again to all donors and supporters for the wonderful and generous donations made last year. Only with you we were able to cope with the loss of income caused by Covid-19 and the additional costs for the increased food distribution in Namibia and also in Zimbabwe.
Michael Hoppe


Soup kitchens are still busy

Our soup kitchens are also a point of contact for many children and their families during the holidays. There is still an increased need for meals, Many of the people from the poor neighborhoods are still receiving your only warm meal from steps for children.
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With a 40 € Donation shall the food for 1 child + 2 relatives 5 days a week Funded for 1 month.

What worries us

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The Pregnancies among girls of school age rose to over 3.600 cases in Namibia last year, according to official reports. Especially in the period from March to September during the corona-related school closings, the number rose dramatically. A big problem is that society has this and domestic violence, which has also increased due to the pandemic, as internal Family affair looks at.

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What steps employees do in the projects for girls:

  • Regular conversations to provide information with children and parents.
  • Joint doctor visits with steps trust teacherto get contraception. Unfortunately, this is also a big problem; only a few doctors prescribe one, do not have the right one in stock or assume that the girls are too relaxed - to put it harmlessly - to behave.
  • Unfortunately, there are also occasional pregnancies of schoolgirls in our projects. In Okakarara and Gobabis, girls who are expecting children will go back to school after giving birth. But that is rather the exception - without steps and the trained teams of Sonja Schneider-Waterberg, Jackie Sanjath and Santiago Narib, die do everything possible to maintain contact with the girls, would they drop out of school too.

What you can do:

Save another girl from dropping out of school with a guardian angel sponsorship.
Here with one Guardian angel special donation help - with an amount of your choice.

School start in Namibia

School start in Namibia
At the beginning of the school year, which in Namibia does not take place in the middle of the year as in Germany, but at the beginning of the year, all preparations are made in the projects. The steps students pick up their material ...

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Watch the vegetables grow!

Watch the vegetables grow!
Vegetable garden in Ongombombonde Watching the vegetables grow in Namibia - if you get such news from Namibia including pictures, we are incredibly happy! The red and green peppers already see ...

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The chicken coop in Okanhandja

The chicken coop in Okanhandja
Meme Kauna Kauna takes care of the solar-powered incubator here. She has experience with chickens as she also raises chickens privately. The project was founded in 2006 by Kauna as a community project. The name "Ileni Tulikwafeni" means "Come on everyone and let's work together." In the project ...

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How we support people in Zimbabwe

How we support people in Zimbabwe
Not only are income-generating measures financed here, we also support the people behind them. Through intensive and regular ...

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We need help funding 394 banana plants for the facility
irrigated banana plantation.

1 banana plant = € 71


It's not a clubhouse.

It is better. We are happy to announce that we will shortly be opening a new space for mutual communication and exchange and that we cordially invite you to explore it with us. Here questions can be asked and answered in a safe space, information from the most important newspapers in Namibia can be shared and campaigns implemented. Experience steps up close, experience Namibia, watch interviews with employees in Namibia, rediscover topics, get deeper insights and connect together for a good cause. We have been grappling with this new possibility for almost a year - and are therefore considered pioneers in the NGO landscape.

See you soon - in the steps community!

The fastest advertising steps ever had.

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A few days ago we received an advertisement for free!
I thank you very much our longtime supporter Simon Vollmer (wph Housing and Project Development Hamburg GmbH) and Matthias Luethen for the incredible opportunity to present steps here.

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Also think of steps when shopping

Doing something good with every purchase can be so easy. The next time you shop on Amazon, think of the steps for children and foundation seize the opportunity, via 0,5% donate the purchase price to us. A guide...

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Do you still know chain letters?

We look forward to your Forwarding of this newsletter to relatives and friends, colleagues and neighbors, your boss who are looking for gifts with impact, to all members of the card game club, to all parents in the kindergarten. Just sent
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The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 in Hamburg by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded. It now operates at eight locations in Namibia and Zimbabwe, where it is committed to improving educational opportunities for girls and boys from the poor neighborhoods. Over 3.000 children can take part in education and take a warm meal every day at steps and its partner projects.

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With kind regards

Michael Hoppe

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