Hamburg in December 2020
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Dear steps friends,
This year everything was a bit different - children only came to us irregularly for the steps projects, countering hunger with meals was our first
Mandatory. Everywhere masks, distance, disinfection, temperature measurements. And still ours have Guardian Angel Child and partially steps homes children from the limitations of the teaching activities too benefits. The situation made even more individual learning possible.
Our steps homes children were well looked after at all times. Additional food packages were distributed monthly, the parents are very grateful. Our children and employees were able to enjoy a mask-free time before the big vacation without observing the minimum distance. The projects celebrated together at summery temperatures their annual accounts the Namibian way and said goodbye to the children for the Christmas holidays. *

I wish you a nice 4th Advent, Merry Christmas and get off to a good start in the new, definitely completely different year 2021that we all look to with hope!
Michael Hoppe

* Unfortunately, the situation has now deteriorated again and mouth protection and other precautionary measures are mandatory again.


Dear Kemue, why do you enjoy being with steps so much?

You can find out how much our guardian angel children like to visit steps for children in Namibia when you talk to them. Our volunteer Carina was able to talk to some children before they left early - with Kemue for example. Not only does she win many prizes at netball, As a guardian angel child, she also values ​​it very much to receive extensive support from steps for children.
But hear for yourself:

Now a guardian angel sponsorship for Christmas

give away and thus enable children like Kemue to receive an education.

Year-end parties in ...

... Okakarara and Ongombombonde

OBB kids arrive_
In Okakarara, the children from the kindergarten and preschool celebrated their end of the year together with the children from Ongombombonde. They proudly received their certificates and then the free play time was used in the playground. You could tell that they were happy to have all been together again for a long time, without a gap, without a mask and not delayed as has been customary in the last few weeks in the project. Finally they could play again with children from other groups.

The good reputation of our projects remains undisputed: A child who can successfully complete the steps for children preschool has almost a guarantee of being accepted into the first grade of a state school, unlike some non-steps children from socially disadvantaged families.
PS class

... Otavi

Otavi Guardian Angel Children

Exeldra and her protégés.

In Otavi, the end of the school year was celebrated together with the steps homes and guardian angel children.
Exeldra, the excellent "childminder" and excellent caregiver, makes her home available to all children every day. In this small group size there was the possibility to meet all year round and solve the school tasks together. A great group that grows together more and more every year, supports and motivates each other.
Sylvia received an award for above-average performance at school this year. Congratulations!
Silvia Shiweda
Thank you picture Otavi (2)
"With Exeldra we have found a very outstanding leadership in Otavi. She goes to great lengths and has employed an excellent teacher who teaches the children in the afternoons. In between it would be a small but wonderful help if the children could rest on mattresses and not in her living room on the carpet or on her furniture. "

Peik Bruhns
National Coordinator
At lunchtime, when the children come home from school, they have the opportunity to recover from school with a power nap.

14 mattresses are made in Otavi for our

Guardian angel - and steps homes need children.

Donate now: 1 mattress = 57 €

... gobabis

Graduation small
There was also a grand finale at the end of the year in Gobabis. Everyone is happy about their certificates and looks a little sorry for the coming time, because now they have to master the day alone for many hours. The joy will be all the greater when it goes on again next year. We all hope that 2021 will be a more stable year than the current one, that all children, relatives and teachers will stay healthy and that they will be able to meet again in the new year.

Find a niche to be happy

Martha steps homes child, internship with Jackie in the guest house_
Martha is one of our steps homes children. At the age of 14 she was only in the 2nd grade due to a lack of previous school education and accordingly did not feel well at all. Now she has left school and Intern in our guest house in Gobabis. Here she feels comfortable, understood and does a great job. Together with Jackie, she looks after the guests and looks after the rooms and the forecourt. steps is also committed to appropriate future prospects - you don't necessarily have to pass the Abitur in order to build a future.
Regina Rudivini with her Family (1) _
Regina from our steps homes in Gobabis are currently improving their A-levels at NAMCOL (Namibian College of Open Learning). She usually learns for it in the evening. During the day it is Volunteer and looks after the guardian angel and steps homes children together with Sophia and Santiago. She passes on her own experiences and is the link between the teachers and students. In the photo we see her together with the other children in her steps homes family.

Now make a donation zu Weihnachten for

give away our steps homes families.

The support for 1 family for 1 year is a total of € 2.700

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In a nearby guest farm with a swimming pool, people danced and bathed properly -

The start of Christmas holidays in Namibian!

... Rehoboth

The Bridge of Hope this year there was a great party to say goodbye to the Christmas holidays. For a brief moment, forget all the worries, let the children be children and sink into the play with the water slide and climbing tree.
Graduation Rehoboth small
Otto Xamseb House says goodbye to the steps children into the Christmas holidays with a nice little ceremony. A little dream came true for the Guardian Angel children: while the other children celebrated a party in the projects, they went on a trip together at the end.

My Christmas wish

I hope that we will continue ours next year Guardian Angel Child and steps homes children Support them as much as possible, provide them with healthy meals and offer them new inspiration, for example by getting out of their familiar surroundings, the informal settlements, and the Animals of their country get to know or experience the coast and the sea.

Now give our children a trip so that they can
can explore your own country and
experience the biodiversity live.

1 excursion for 2 children = 70 €


Goodbye and welcome

Unfortunately leaves our board colleague Miss Dr. Rawert our foundation after four years in her function as board member. Miss Dr. Rawert has been active on several board members and advisory boards for a long time and her tasks there no longer leave her the time she needs to deal with the processes at steps in depth. We very much regret that, because your knowledge and experience have always been helpful and valuable to us. That's why we're happy that you despite this farewell, steps for children as ambassador from January 2021 remains connected and is available with their knowledge if necessary.

Here's something for the ears

With Bernd Kiesewetter I had the opportunity to talk about responsibility and what I learned over the years.

The interview can be heard wherever there are podcasts.

Dear Bernd, thank you very much for the opportunity to answer your questions.

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