Guardian angel wanted

Guardian Angel

192 in the year
  • Help for a child
  • basic education up to 8th grade
  • school supplies
  • school uniform
  • hot meals five days a week
  • Caring support in the project with school assignments

Guardian angel plus

360 in the year
  • Help for a young person
  • from class 8 to the end of the school career
  • school fees
  • travel money
  • school clothes
  • school supplies
  • Warm meals
  • Afternoon care for school assignments
  • Hostel stay

Sustainable education through sponsorship of guardian angels for children in Namibia

In Africa, and especially in Namibia, the education system is severely underdeveloped. Without outside help, children from poor families have little chance of graduating from school that would offer them prospects worth living in. In the guardian angel program of the steps for children foundation, the children and young people sustainably cared for from the beginning of elementary school to higher education. When the first Guardian Angel children pass the Abitur, it is our goal to also ensure the financing of an apprenticeship or study. Very few children in Namibia have this unique chance, because just 3% of young people in Namibia graduate from school in the 12th grade. With the Guardian Angel program, the steps for children foundation promotes the education of gifted girls and boys. To this end, project staff select children of preschool age for the program. Guardian angels mainly finance the program from Germany. The entire program is sustainably secured with donations for schoolchildren. *

As a guardian angel, you often enable entire families to experience social upturn and are involved in promoting the country's lack of skilled workers for tomorrow.

Help the children in Namibia to get their right to education by becoming a sponsor!


Ester grows up as a 5-year-old girl surrounded by poverty, alcoholism and illnesses in the poor settlement in Okakarara. Although she has neither shoes nor intact clothes, she sets out every day to learn to read and write. She fights her way through, against all odds. Without a guardian angel sponsorship, she would drop out of school and maybe expect her first child at 13. But steps knows how to prevent that! A guardian angel offers her the support she needs for her further education. steps accompanies her in the preschool, provides her with meals, clothing, school materials and helps her in higher grades with homework in the afternoon. Ester looks forward to school every day, but above all to the afternoon support at steps. Because she knows that you can rely on steps: With small and big worries, there is always someone to talk to. Here she is taken seriously and is helped. She takes her future into her own hands and tries to change her fate with the support of the Guardian Angels.

* While other sponsorship projects promote a one-to-one sponsorship between the sponsor and the child, as a guardian angel you sponsor one of our guardian angel children, but not a special sponsored child. This prevents financial failures of other guardian angels and, in addition, the privacy of the children is protected.

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steps student

Costs per student per year = approx. €5.000 €91 per month* Registration costs for the university or college Laptop per student for online courses as well as writing papers Deposit and setting up an apartment

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