Guardian angel wanted

Guardian Angel

192 in the year
  • Help for a child
  • basic education up to 8th grade
  • school supplies
  • school uniform
  • hot meals five days a week
  • Caring support in the project with school assignments

Guardian angel plus

360 in the year
  • Help for a young person
  • from class 8 to the end of the school career
  • school fees
  • travel money
  • school clothes
  • school supplies
  • Warm meals
  • Afternoon care for school assignments
  • Hostel stay

Sustainable education through sponsorship of guardian angels for children in Namibia

The education system in Africa and especially in Namibia is underdeveloped. Children from poor families have hardly any chance of finishing school without outside help, which offers them a perspective worth living in. In the Guardian Angel program of the steps for children foundation, children and adolescents receive long-term care from the start of primary school through to higher education. When the first guardian angel children pass their Abitur, it is our goal to also secure the financing of an apprenticeship or study. Only very few children in Namibia have this unique opportunity, because just 3% of the young people in Namibia graduate from 12th grade.

The steps for children foundation supports the education of talented girls and boys with the Guardian Angel program. For this purpose, project employees select children at preschool age for the program.

Guardian angels mainly finance the program from Germany. The entire program is sustainably secured with donations for schoolchildren. *

As a guardian angel, you often enable entire families to experience social upturn and are involved in promoting the country's lack of skilled workers for tomorrow.

Help the children in Namibia to their right to education!


Ester grew up as a 5 year old girl surrounded by poverty, alcoholism and diseases in the poor settlement in Okakarara. Although she has no shoes or fine clothes, she sets off to learn to read and write every day. She struggles through, despite all circumstances. She would drop out of school early and might be expecting her first child at 13. But steps knows how to prevent that! A guardian angel offers her the support she needs for her further education. steps accompanies her in the preschool, provides her with meals, clothing, school materials and helps her in higher grades with homework in the afternoon. Ester looks forward to school every day, but above all to the afternoon support at steps. Because she knows that you can rely on steps: With small and big worries, there is always someone to talk to. Here she is taken seriously and is helped. She takes her future into her own hands and tries to change her fate with the support of the Guardian Angels.


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* As a guardian angel, you support one of our guardian angel children, but not a special child. This prevents financing defaults of other guardian angels and also protects the privacy of the children.
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Content for 7 people and approx. 14 days: Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, fish cans, corned beef, rooibos tea, sugar, milk, orange juice, oil, soup, salt, soap, toilet paper, marshmellow Easter eggs, apples