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Costs per degree in the 1st year per student = € 5.000

We need 20 shares per student
  • University or college registration costs
  • Laptop per student for online courses and writing papers
  • Deposit and furnishing an apartment
  • Taking over the tuition fees
  • Rent for the apartment or a hostel
  • WIFI and mobile phone costs
  • food
  • Cost of living (electricity, water, transport in Windhoek)
  • Hygiene products and clothing
  • Travel expenses to your home town during the semester break
  • On-Campus Support

The tuition fees, furnishing an apartment or accommodation in a hostel as well as the other costs vary greatly depending on the subject and university or Collegee
Since in the following years Registration fees as well as others acquisition cost As furniture, laptops or rent deposits are omitted, the financing will decrease from the 2nd year of study in relation to the beginning of the study.

Give our Guardian Angel students this unique opportunity and support education sustainably!

Study the first guardian angel children from steps for children! Children from the townships who otherwise would never have received a higher education are now students! Thanks to the continuous support and support you can The first Guardian Angel children from Okakarara in 2021 start studying at a university in Windhoek.

Clenda and Johanna started in preschool at steps for children in Okakarara in 2008 and are now enrolled in a Namibian university in Windhoek in 2021 Although this is only a three-hour drive away, it is a very big change for the two of them. Here they will spend the next years of their lives learn and to evolve, um to be able to lead a self-determined life in the future. An opportunity made possible by the long-term support of steps for children.

Effective - because we keep in close contact and support.

  The students…

  ... will continue to be supported by steps cared for
  …give regular updates about their study experience
  …have a Contact person on site in Windhoek by our National Coordinator 
  …to have 
Contact persons in the steps projects, in which the guardian angel or steps homes child were cared for
  ...will be during their semester break get on the steps projects help along, in which they themselves have received funding once
  ... give their knowledge and your Support as former guardian angel or steps homes children to guardian angel or steps homes children of future generations and are "role models"



Our guardian angel program

With our Guardian Angel program, we currently support over 135 children in our projects. The program is already well established at the Okakarara, Gobabis, Otavi and Rehoboth locations.

  • Children will be accepted who consistently good performance even in preschool
  • The school career is supported by steps with permanent contact persons accompanied in the projects
  • Private tutoring and support in the afternoon in the projects
  • daily warm meals 
  • Acquisition of necessary Hygiene articles, school supplies and school clothes
  • Doctor appointments are accompanied by the steps employees if necessary

Our steps homes program

In our steps homes Families are taken in orphans from the slums and receive caring care in the new family network. We secure them primary care of children and families and support them through regular visits by a social worker. In the steps projects, the children are admitted to the preschool and are included in the afternoons Educational and Learning opportunities such as tutoring in math and English are promoted.


“I am very grateful for having steps by my side. I really appreciate the support and all the efforts they made for me ever since I started school. steps played a very important role in my life for being a substitute to my parents, without steps I don't think I could have made it this far. Since I have steps by my side, I'll never waste this opportunity as there are many people out there crying out for what I have. I'll always strive to achieve my goals and be the best of what I can be! "

* You support one of our students in the steps student program, but not a special student. This prevents financial shortfalls by other sponsors and also protects the students' privacy.

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