your corporate donation

Assuming social responsibility is already a reality for many companies and is firmly anchored in corporate ethics. With a company donation in favor of the children and young people of steps for children in Namibia and Zimbabwe, you support our sustainable work and our commitment to education and training - also by investing in small companies. This creates jobs locally.

Hamburg entrepreneur establishes foundation

From this same thought Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based out of that Hamburg entrepreneur Michael Hoppe in 2005 the charitable foundation steps for children with the aim of sustainably improving the living situation - especially for children and young people - in Namibia and Zimbabwe. To this end, the foundation combines social commitment with entrepreneurial action and thinking.

Through education and training, we enable children and young adults in Namibia and Zimbabwe to break the cycle of poverty on their own - this is how we promote help for self-help.
At the same time, we set up small companies and thus create jobs and training positions. In a carpentry workshop as well as in guest houses, computer schools and other small businesses, we take care of it regulated income. 100% of profits go to social projects.

your corporate donation

Your Companies can support our work in a variety of ways. Here are some inspirations for living corporate social responsibility in your company:

  • Support our project work in Africa with your corporate donation
  • Suggest a cent campaign from your salary to your employees
  • Double donations from your employees
  • Organize your own benefit event
  • Donate instead of gifts at Christmas and other occasions
  • Make your expertise or service available to our foundation pro bono
  • Support your employees to get involved socially with us! For example, by allowing the employees to use the resources of your company to support steps for children or by granting proven employees an extra week of vacation to work with us social vacations close 
  • Invite us to present steps for children to you and your employees

We are grateful for any form of your support.

We are grateful for any form of your support, be it in the form of corporate sponsorships, corporate fundraising programs or corporate volunteerism. Through such corporate partnerships and non-profit partnerships, we can make a joint contribution to development cooperation. There are also opportunities for charitable events and fundraisers on special occasions such as company birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter or anniversaries. Your contribution, be it in the form of philanthropy or cause-related marketing, helps to advance social projects and sustainably improve the living conditions of children and young people. We would be happy to issue you a donation receipt to document your valuable support.

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