Change of member data in the association

Change of member data in the association

Changing the member data in the association is possible with this form. If you have new contact details or would like to change your annual contribution in favor of the steps for children eV association, you have come to the right place. 

In the following form, please change and send the data that is no longer current.
Name and email address are mandatory. The content is transferred via an encrypted SSL connection.

Stay committed and stand up for education together

As a sponsoring member of our sponsoring association steps for children eV, you support children and young people on their educational path. 

As a member of the steps for children eV association, you can support children and young people from the poorest backgrounds in Namibia and Zimbabwe in the long term. 

The founder dr Michael Hoppe wanted to give something back and decided to help the poorest of the poor in southern African countries with education and training. Since 2006, he has been enabling people in their own country to lead a self-determined future through social and income-generating projects of the steps for children foundation. 

After more than 30 years of self-employment as an entrepreneur, Dr. Giving back to Michael Hoppe some of what he had acquired both as a skill and as an asset.
He wanted to give his life a different meaning and help to reduce the suffering in Africa a little bit.

Two small questions for Dr. Michael Hoppe:

Why Zimbabwe and Namibia?
💛 After a tour of several African countries, I found competent and trustworthy contacts in Namibia who were able to help me set up a business. I was also looking for a country where corruption and crime were not excessive.
Zimbabwe only came into being ten years later through a collaboration with Plan International.

How important is education for you and your projects?
💛 A very large value and close to the most important places. Without education, residents in the informal settlement rarely escape the cycle of unemployment, poverty, alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

founder dr Michael Hoppe in Rehoboth at our project Otto Xamseb on his project trip in spring 2022.

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