Happy Birthday Okakarara!

Okakarara comes of age! Do you want to send your congratulations? This is the perfect place for it.

We are also curious about your story: What do you associate with Okakarara? What local experiences do you remember? Here you can make a contribution to our steps guestbook . write

How it all began โ€“ in 2006 the first 30 preschool children came to steps

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Sabine and Christian Schrรถder Sabine and Christian Schrรถder from Delmenhorst wrote at 17 April 2024 um 4:52 pm
18 years is an impressive period of time. Congratulations! We are pleased that we have been able to follow the successful path of the project with you for 18 years. So we celebrate on March 15.3th. on the plane and with you in our thoughts and look forward to our visit to OKK two weeks later. Kind regards Sabine and Christian
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Carina Carina from Hamburg wrote at March 19, 2024 um 2:16 pm
You guys are so cool! Keep doing the great work and believe in yourself and the project! It's a good way โ˜บ๏ธ
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Bernd Torke Bernd Torke from D65191 Wiesbaden wrote at March 18, 2024 um 11:31 am
Happy Birthday. In autumn 2023 I was in Okakarara with my grandson Anton Trexler. Anton carried out a photo project with the children there, which was a great success with the children. He will be holding a large exhibition about it in Wiesbaden and has already given lectures about it. I hope this inspires support in our city for the great Steps for Children project.
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Christiane Bรผscher Christiane Bรผscher wrote at March 15, 2024 um 10:49 am
Congratulations to Okakarara. In January 2024 I was able to get a taste of the project in Okakarara for a few days. It was a great, unforgettable time. ๐Ÿ˜ A great project. Continued success in your work. Christiane Bรผscher
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Miriam Kammer Miriam Kammer from Schorndorf wrote at March 14, 2024 um 9:56 am
Congratulations to Okakarara! You are great! We were able to get a taste of the project for a few days in 2022 and are looking forward to accompanying and supporting the steps there! By the way: celebrating a birthday with Steps is a great thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mirjam Kammer with Guido Lorenz
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Gertrud and Alfred Klose Gertrud and Alfred Klose from Hildesheim wrote at March 12, 2024 um 6:22 pm
We, as Sonja Schneider-Waterberg's parents, have been closely connected to the project from the beginning and have been following its amazing development. During our visits to Okakarara we have repeatedly experienced committed staff and radiant, grateful children. โ€œStepsโ€ has become a blessing for many people there. We join the crowd of well-wishers and wish you a good FUTURE. Maybe someday there will be a word for it in Africa too. We wish everyone involved good luck and many blessings. Gertrud and Alfred Klose, Hildesheim PS One might think that we had lost our daughter to Africa. On the contrary: it gave us Africa.
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Uwe Grahn Uwe Grahn from Hamburg wrote at March 12, 2024 um 1:10 pm
As part of a holiday trip to Namibia, I visited Okakarara with my wife and daughter in August 2009. We were immediately surrounded by many enthusiastic children and the 'souvenirs' we had previously agreed with Sonja, such as coloring books and exercise books, were also very well received. In our travel diary at the time it was noted: "Very interesting and promising project". Many photos are a lasting memory. We congratulate you on coming of age and wish everyone involved continued success. Uwe Grahn
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Marlene Preuss Marlene Preuss from Bonn wrote at March 9, 2024 um 8:32 am
Warm โค congratulations! I was part of the Steps community in Okakarara for 2016 months in 3 as an adult volunteer and I think very fondly of the children who enthusiastically came to me in the "Artroom" to paint, do crafts and be creative.๐Ÿ˜Š Me I think of Sonja and the staff who welcomed my husband and me in a friendly manner and supported the children. ๐Ÿ˜ We wish you all the best for the future! Marlene & Rainer from Bonn
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Stefan Wolfschuetz Stefan Wolfschuetz from RD wrote at 19. February 2024 um 8:43 pm
hello again
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