Projects in Namibia

We urgently need donationsin order to provide the children and their families with food, to be able to continue paying salaries and to be able to respond to the location-specific challenges.


Projects in Gobabis Region Omatheke Location 200 kilometers east of the capital Windhoek; 110 kilometers west of the Botswana border; important traffic junction along the Trans-Kalahari Highway to Botswana and South Africa residents approx. 30.000, about half are alive

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Projects in the Okahandja region of Otjozondjupa Location approx. 70 km from the capital Windhoek; the geographical center of Namibia on the railway line population approx. 22.500 population Herero history history: In January 1904 one of Okahandja was created

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Projects in Okakarara and Ongomombonde * Region Otjozondjupa Location approx. 300 km north of the capital Windhoek Population approx. 8.000 Population mainly Herero History The Waterberg is a few kilometers away. The Herero revolt took place there in 1904

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Projects in Otavi Region of Otjozondjupa Location Together with the cities of Grootfontein and Tsumeb, it forms the "Otavi Triangle", also known as the Corn Triangle. Due to high rainfall, this area can be used intensively for agriculture and has copper deposits.

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Projects in Rehoboth Region Omaheke, with an area of ​​84.731 sqm (slightly larger than Austria) and 74.629 inhabitants Location approx. 93 km south of Windhoek Population 30.000, steadily increasing number, of which over 12.000 in extreme

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Projects in Windhoek: Katutura - place where we don't want to live. Khomas Region Location Suburb of Windhoek Population 66.700 Population Hereros, Ovambo, Nama, Damara History The poor district of Katutura was in the 1950s

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Projects in Zimbabwe


Projects in Mutare Lage Manicaland; eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, 256 km south-east of the capital Harare, directly at the break-off to the coastal plain; the border with Mozambique is 8 km away. Population 188.000 (2012), making it the fourth largest

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Projects in Mutasa location in Manicaland province; Approx. 30 km from Mutare Population approx. 169.000 (2012) Today The province of Mutasa has various plantations on which maize, peanuts and sugar cane and fruit trees are grown.

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Content for 7 people and approx. 14 days: Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, fish cans, corned beef, rooibos tea, sugar, milk, orange juice, oil, soup, salt, soap, toilet paper, marshmellow Easter eggs, apples