Okahandja location




approx. 22.500




about 70 km from the capital Windhoek; the geographical center of Namibia on the railway line

History of Okahandja

History: In January 1904, a Herero uprising started in Okahandja. The conflict between the German colonial powers lasted 7 months and ended with the Battle of Waterberg and the expulsion of the Hereros into the Omaheke region. This was the first genocide in the 20th century when thousands of Herero died of thirst.


Okahandja is the main traditional center of the Herero. In August, one of the largest tribal events in Namibia takes place here every year. The infrastructure is well developed, there are various hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies and secondary schools as well as numerous restaurants.

Owner: Kaunapawa Lourencia Philemon (called Meme Kauna by everyone)
number of children: 60 – 70 in kindergarten and preschool, sometimes more than 900 children fed by the soup kitchen. In the afternoon lessons, 26 children are cared for in our Guardian Angel program.
History: In November 2018, Michael Hoppe met the head of Kauna and her husband Joseph during his project trip to take a look at the project. Between 60 and 70 children are cared for in a kindergarten and a pre-school. On some days, the soup kitchen supplies more than 900 children in the area and always gets fresh vegetables from the garden.

cooperation beginning: In 2019 we will start planning the cooperation. 

Effect: The earlier afternoon care for children could be resumed thanks to the financial support of steps. From other steps institutions, it becomes clear how valuable afternoon care is for the children. Not only to get better grades, but also to have meaningful tasks and activities in the circle of friends. The name of the facility, which translates to "Come on, let's work together," underscores our activities. 

second chance: Adults who have no school education are given the opportunity to continue their education in various courses in the evening. 

Kindergarten, preschool, soup kitchen, second chance, afternoon care (steps), guardian angel program

Incubator powered by solar power, chicken coop and thus eggs, chicks and chicken sales (steps)

News from Okahandja

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