Locations Okakarara and Ongombombonde*




approx. 300 km north of the capital Windhoek



approx. 8.000


predominantly Herero


The Waterberg is a few kilometers away. The Herero revolt against German colonial power took place there in 1904.


Up to 50% of the children are orphans or children in special need.


Over half of the population in this region only attended primary school. Almost 90% of the secondary school's graduation class does not graduate.


Very high, in the poor neighborhoods over 80%.

Sources: Government of Namibia; internal key figures

Project: steps for children

Owner: Sonja Schneider-Waterberg
Number of children: approx. 251
Project founded: 2006
In Okakarara the first of Dr. Michael Hoppe initiated the children's aid project of the steps for children foundation, which was supported and financially supported by the couple Gertrud and Jürgen Schmotz from the beginning. It has grown very much since it was founded. Started steps in a Red Cross house (in which the sewing room founded by the Schmotz couple was based) with two social steps, a soup kitchen and preschool for 30 children, in one room and with a tiny kitchen. At that time there were four employees: two teachers, a cook and a project manager.

Today: There are now more social and Income generating steps as well as the additional location Ongombombonde, just 8 km away. Here is the vegetable garden and since 2018 children have also been taught in kindergarten and preschool on the premises. steps for children is the second largest private employer in the region with over 25 employees. On average, around 10 relatives are provided for each employee *. 

EffectAt both locations, the children experience loving care and versatile support. The Guardian Angel children in particular develop into healthy and independent young people who successfully complete school and thus have good career prospects. Your success is a role model for younger children. steps helps to make the value of education visible and thus changes the awareness and behavior of local people.

Soup kitchen, creche, kindergarten, preschool, afternoon care, guardian angel children

sewing room, Guest Houses, vegetable cultivation

"The basics in child development are laid in the first years of life. The kindergarten teachers, preschool teachers and their assistants receive further training with the financial support of steps. The better educated they are, the more solid the foundations that the children take care of with steps. "

Sonja Schneider-Waterberg

Project management Okakarara

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