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At our Rehoboth site in Namibia, we support the local population with two projects. While Bridge of Hope is our partner project and we look after children and young people in good cooperation, Otto Xamseb has now become a steps for children facility. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities. 


Omaheke, with an area of ​​84.731 sqm (slightly larger than Austria) and 74.629 inhabitants


approx. 93 km south of Windhoek


30.000, steadily increasing number, over 12.000 of them in extreme poverty

History and population

The place was founded in 1871 by the so-called Baster. They are the descendants of mixed marriages between Nama women and Burian immigrants from the South African Cape Province.


Every third pregnant woman between the ages of 30 and 39 is infected with HIV.


Usually only the wealthy families have access to the state education system.


80 - 90%

Educational projects coordinator

Ivanshia van Zyl

Bridge of Hope

Owner: Ivanshia van Zyl
Founder: Mylverine Bock, who unfortunately passed away in June 2021 due to a corona infection.

number of children: 180

History: The project was founded by Mylverine Bock in 2015 and is officially registered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. The integrative facility enjoys a particularly good reputation in the community and has also impressed with its qualitative educational work. Large donations in 2017 made it possible to buy the property and the school building on it, as well as an apartment for the project manager. Now the Bridge of Hope facility regularly pays lease to steps for children. 

cooperation beginning: 2017
Area: 2422 sqm 

Effect: The Bridge of Hope facility accepts children whose parents can pay the school fees. In addition, 20% of the places are available to needy children, whose financing is secured by steps for children. These capacities are intended in particular for children whose families are affected by AIDS. Since 2019 9 children were included in the Guardian Angel program for the first time due to their special achievements. 

Crèche, kindergarten, preschool, soup kitchen, afternoon care, guardian angel children


Wilhelmina Schultz, called Grandma Schultz - a teacher like no other. She impresses because she has built up a deep connection with her students and does a wonderful job: Mrs. Schultz organizes and plans her school hours in advance and prepares the teaching topics for children. For each child, she creates her own workbook with individual tasks and gives the days a structure.
"She is a phenomenal teacher and has her heart in the right place. There are very few KhoiKhoiGowab teachers who are so experienced and valuable. ”

Peik Bruhns

former National Coordinator

Otto Xamseb

Owner: Markel Xamses

Founder: Josephine Kene
number of children: 82

: Otto Xamseb was founded in 2003 by Josephine Kene. At that time she looked after 21 children between the ages of 3 and 6 together with a volunteer.

Cooperation Starts:
2016 was initiated by steps its Guardian Angel Program also introduced at this facility. In 2016, steps for children bought part of the property from Josephine Kene and built a new school building and sanitary facilities there. In addition, costs for meals for the children are covered.
Since 2018 our steps for children foundation invested in a small computer school, whose teacher Markel Xamses completed the training as an ICDL teacher in Gobabis.
2020 we took over all land and the existing school building. New construction of a school building with two classrooms for another 60 children.

steps for children gives the children a future: An appropriate room situation that makes learning and play easier for the children, missing school materials are procured and warm meals for the girls and boys are financed. Parents are often unable to pay enough meals, let alone school fees. Afternoon care for Guardian Angels and school children is led by Markel Xamses.

Soup kitchen, preschool, kindergarten, afternoon care, guardian angel program

Rental of tent, tables and chairs for events

Project: Heart for the Children

Project: Heart fort he Children
: Yvonne Noariises
Founder: Magdalena Pienear
Number of children: 63

Cooperation: 2013 - 2019

History: Magdalena Pienear is a wonderfully strong Namibian woman. In 1995 she founded the first preschool Heart for the Children on her own small property. She herself is penniless, lives in a room of just 3 square meters (not even the size of a standard table tennis table) in which there is an old bed and a small fridge. Magdalena is beaming anyway. She heads the preschool and the associated kindergarten and always ensures that "her" children are given hot meals. Magdalena herself, the coordinator from Rehoboth reported, often refrained from eating and often went to bed on an empty stomach.

Effect: steps for children helps the children of the project to have sufficient meals every day, takes care of the rooms and the child-friendly equipment of the classrooms with pens and paper, small tables and chairs as well as dishes for the meals. steps promotes children in need by creating a pleasant learning environment with enough seats and workplaces, school supplies and play opportunities. In addition, regular further training for teachers and educators is a further component of the help, which promotes the quality of the educational project and further develops skills.

Soup kitchen, preschool, kindergarten

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