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The poor district of Katutura was established in the 1950s as part of South Africa's apartheid policy. Here the black population was forcibly relocated.


One of the most dangerous residential areas in Windhoek is the Single Quarter in Katutura. This is mainly because poverty is very high here and many people try to ensure their survival through illegal activities. Residents face numerous problems, including inadequate access to basic services such as water, sewage and electricity and high unemployment. The residential area is known for its high population density with its informal settlements and is predominantly inhabited by low-income families who live in small huts made of corrugated iron and other makeshift materials. Despite these challenges, you can feel a vibrant community here with a strong sense of solidarity among the residents.

Single quarters in Katutura

Direction: Rautia Shikongo 

History:  Creation of the steps facility in 2023
We rented and renovated a building on the property of the “Jacob MARENGO School” in Katutura so that there is now a learning room and an additional room for differentiation as well as toilets for almost 15 children. A newly created cooking area is located outside the building, and a playground with a slide, swing and climbing frame was also added for the children to provide sufficient incentive for outdoor exercise. From March 2024, another learning room will be rented here in order to set up a preschool group.

Effect: Our steps kindergarten and, since 2024, the steps preschool border on the eponymous Single Quarter area. The steps building is located on the grounds of the Jacob MARENGO School: A primary school and a secondary school are located here, so that our protégés can switch directly to these schools after the kindergarten and preschool years. This means they are already used to the environment and the teachers and can easily cope with the adjustment to everyday school life.

  Kindergarten, preschool, soup kitchen


Direction: Memory Kharuxas
History: Memory Kharuxas, founder and director, is a former Waldorf kindergarten teacher. She integrated her project with 65 children at the time on her private property and in her home. Since there is a high need for childcare in the neighborhood, she was looking for larger buildings.

Cooperation: November 2015 – December 2022
The larger building was found with steps for children and since January 2016 the rent of the current building and property (which is owned by the Waldorf school) has been taken over and secures the care costs of children whose parents cannot afford the contribution.

Effect: The foundation saves in one of the poorest parts of the city the Namibian capital, Katutura - which means "place where we don't want to live" - ​​children a place of security with daily hot meals and early childhood loving education. steps creates better spatial conditions and increases the quality of teaching through further training.

 Crèche, kindergarten, preschool, soup kitchen


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Memory, how did you come up with the name Boomerang?

I have always enjoyed working with children and also a lot with their parents. I thought if I spread and gave my love, that it would come back and make me strong, myself and the children in school.

Memory Kharuxas

Head of Project Boomerang

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