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Projects in Mutasa in cooperation with Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan und Plan International


in the province of Manicaland; about 30 km from Mutare


approx. 169.000 (2012)


The province of Mutasa has various plantations on which maize, peanuts and sugar cane as well as fruit trees are grown. Goats and chickens are also kept. This is mostly only intended for sale, often for personal use. Wood, coffee and tea are sold commercially.


The Mutasa province is characterized by many educational institutions such as primary and secondary schools. The University of Africa is also located there.

Social measures

  • Construction: 4 ECCD centers; A center: school buildings, separate toilets for girls and boys, fountains for clean drinking water and a small garden for self-sufficiency.
  • Early childhood promotion: Construction of swings, climbing frames in bright colors
  • child protection: Holding events on child protection, positive parenting methods and birth registration. 175 parents and community leaders took part.
  • Improved water supply: Drinking water supply at the ECCD centers is guaranteed by the construction of 3 wells. These wells continue to irrigate the planned vegetable garden.
  • Improve hygiene: With the drinking water fountain we create improved hygiene conditions to prevent diseases.
  • health check: Health care workers carried out health checks on all children at two centers. The physical development and hygiene behavior of 70 preschool children are checked. In addition, the communities were informed about health and hygiene practices.
  • more Anmeldungen: 192 children are now visiting the 4 ECCD centers
  • second chance: Adults accept the training offer. 

Measures to generate income

  • beekeeping: 12 beehives and materials for beekeeping were given to 50 women and men. The first honey harvest took place in March 2019.
  • poultry: 60 women and men were already given 500 chickens as well as sufficient feed and other materials for poultry farming. In addition, they were taught for two days about the rearing, keeping and care of the animals. Animals could be sold profitably and even the poultry population could be further increased.
  • Fish farming: Construction of 2 fish ponds and instruction of employees.
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