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Anna in Namibia!

Get to know our volunteers who will spend a whole year of their FSJ in Namibia at steps for children in the facilities in 2023-2024. 

Hey, I'm Anna and have been here at steps in since mid-August 2023 Gobabis. I graduated from high school this summer and enjoy doing things like bouldering, youth work and sewing in Germany.

Why did you decide to spend a social year in Namibia?

I've been asked this many times, but I've never had a really good answer 🙂

I found out about weltwärts through friends and found it a really cool way to get to know real life, everyday life and the culture here in Namibia and not “just” see the typical travel guide places as a tourist.

What books did you use to prepare for your time in Namibia?

I am interested in history and have therefore read a lot about colonialism in Namibia, the genocide of the Herero and Nama and the effects today, but unfortunately I cannot recommend a specific book. But there are definitely a lot of good websites and documentation that we highly recommend checking out before you come to Namibia yourself.

How do you like to spend the evenings after your work at steps?

Our days here are relatively long because we work until 16 p.m. (usually a little later) and then go to soccer training almost every day. When we get home it is usually almost dark and we still have to take care of the less desirable tasks (washing, cooking, cleaning, ...) 🙂 

On weekends we are often invited to our neighbors or colleagues from steps, play the ukulele, paint, read... It's definitely a lot of fun trying out new hobbies here, because I couldn't play football or the ukulele before.

Are there any tasks that you particularly like at steps?

In the mornings we help out in the carpentry shop, which is really a lot of fun. So far we've mainly been involved in building picnic benches and it's cool to follow the creation process.

What has been particularly challenging so far on your trip or during your stay as a volunteer?

In our first real week at work, one of the teachers was sick, so Feli and I had to look after a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders alone. It was really a bit overwhelming and it was clearly above the normal volume level, but thanks to the help of another colleague we survived the chaos 😀

What surprised you most about your stay?

I found it really surprising and frightening how big the difference between rich and poor actually is. Last week we were on holiday in Swakopmund and it was amazing to see the luxury villas, expensive restaurants and cafes there, while some areas here have no running water or electricity and the money is barely enough despite a full-time job.

What are you grateful for?

I am very grateful to be able to experience this here at all!

What do you have to try when you're in Namibia?

Fatcakes! SOO delicious.

Small building blocks for playing with are also made in the carpentry workshop.

I wish…

...that this project will be preserved for a long time and that joinery At some point there will be so much sales that steps for children can become less dependent on donations!

Dear Anna, we are pleased that you found your way to Namibia and thank you very much for your commitment! We hope you enjoy your future tasks in Gobabis.

Would you like to do your FSJ at steps for children in Namibia like Anna?
You can find out about the options here. 
We also offer shorter stays from 3-6 months.

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