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Happy 75th birthday, dear Michael!

Michael Hoppe, founder and chairman of the steps for children foundation, celebrates his 2th birthday on October 75nd! It is an opportunity to recognize his extraordinary contributions to the welfare of children and families and to congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts.

He has already achieved a lot on his life's journey so far and, with his support team, has enabled many people from the poorest backgrounds to receive education and create jobs. He has been actively supporting children and young people in Namibia every day for 18 years. Now also for Zimbabwe. 

A role model for all of us 

In addition to his notable work as a philanthropist, Dr. Hoppe always inspires us with his commitment, humility and determination. He is an example of how a person with a big heart and a clear purpose can positively impact the world. 

A fulfilling life 

At the age of 75 you can dr Michael Hoppe look back on a fulfilling life in which he helped so many children. But we know his work is far from finished. His tireless commitment and passion for the cause will continue to drive us forward to implement the vision of steps for children.


On the occasion of your 75th birthday, Michael, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you. Your commitment and vision have improved the lives of countless children and will continue to do so in the future. We are proud to be part of your team. May this special day be full of love, joy and gratitude. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and commitment to the children. 


The team from the steps for children foundation


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In February 2024 we received €11 as part of the Town & Country Foundation's 1.111th Foundation Prize. The prize money is invested in early childhood and preschool education: fine motor, cognitive and linguistic skills are specifically promoted - as a solid foundation for further educational journeys.

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The steps song was created with many steps children in Gobabis with the singer Eva Keretic!

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