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Luisa is in Okakarara as a short-term volunteer – just like Sarah! Here you will find out in an interview what challenges there are to overcome, how she prepared for the volunteer assignment and the country of Namibia and what she is grateful for.

Who are you how long have you been at steps and at which location?

My name is Luisa, I am 18 years old and I have been in Okakarara for 14 months since September 2023, 3.

Why did you decide to spend a social year in Namibia?

I decided to volunteer at steps for children because I have always loved working with children and young people, which is why I have already helped out at primary schools in Germany.

What books did you use to prepare for your time in Namibia?

Beforehand, I mainly tried books and videos about history Namibia to provide information and I also had the opportunity to make contact with former volunteers to get insider information.

How do you like to spend the evenings after your work at steps?

I like to spend the evenings playing games with the other volunteers or going for walks together.

Are there any tasks that you particularly like at steps?

I particularly like working in the after school program, especially when you have time to respond to the students individually.

What has been particularly challenging on your trip or during your stay so far?

The language barrier that I expected in advance turned out to be non-existent because almost everyone here can speak English fluently and you can even communicate with the smaller children using your hands and feet.

What are you grateful for?

Above all, I am grateful to have the chance to explore a country in this special way. I think it's really nice to be able to gain completely new experiences and have the opportunity to bring new ideas into the project (especially in the mornings in the area of ​​art and sport).


I wish...

What I didn't expect is that the time would pass so quickly, which is why I now wish I had more than just 3 months in the project.


Dear Luisa, it's great that you like steps in Okakarara so much. We would like to thank you very much for your commitment and wish you a time full of new experiences and discoveries in Namibia!

And if you would like to do an FSJ or a voluntary short-term stay with steps in Namibia, you can find out more here: 

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