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Madita in Namibia

Like Madita, would you like to do a voluntary social year in Namibia with steps for children? Then you'll get a great impression of their commitment here okakarara. Get inspired and find out about other possible opportunities at steps in Namibia - it doesn't always have to be a whole year...

Who are you and how long have you been at steps at which location?

I am Madita Hünermund, 20 years old and currently working as a volunteer at steps for children in Okakarara, Namibia. I have been here with my fellow volunteer Anette since mid-August and support my colleagues wherever I can. I will stay here until the end of July 2024 and am really looking forward to many more indescribably beautiful moments like the ones I have already experienced.

Why did you decide to spend a social year in Namibia?

I came up with the idea because my grandpa worked as a vet in Namibia for a while and told many fascinating stories during my childhood. Then I became curious and started looking for projects and then
very quickly to the website Volunta gGmbh I came across it and got a little insight into the great projects and then applied straight away. This is how I came to the partner organization.

What books did you use to prepare for your time in Namibia?

With a few travel guides and a book about the history of Africa.

How do you like to spend the evenings after your work at steps?

I prefer to spend the evenings with the fellow volunteers and acquaintances that I have met here so far. I also sing in the Okakarara Youth Choir on Fridays and Saturdays.

Are there any tasks that you particularly like at steps?

What I like best are the sports lessons with the kids and working in the steps garden.
In general, I think that all the tasks are extremely varied and enjoyable. The
Children are open and happy to see us and that is a really great feeling.

Madita has already made many animal friendships.

What has been particularly challenging on your trip or during your stay so far?

Arriving was particularly challenging at first. To settle in and get used to your surroundings. Village life is a little different than that in Germany, but there is something harmonious and calming about it.

What surprised you most about your stay?

What I found surprising was how much attention you get as a “Tjirumbu” (white person). In Okakarara you are constantly greeted and you often hear people calling you with the word Tjirumbu. I didn't expect it to be like this in Okakarara,
especially because so many volunteers were here before us. But it's nice to be welcomed and greeted here.

What are you grateful for?

I don't even know where to start listing all the things I'm grateful for. I have already made so many great memories and met incredible people. For the time in which I am already changing with the change in my environment
I am incredibly grateful and happy that I applied for this FSJ, because I have already learned a lot. For example, that a washing machine too have and running water and electricity are a huge privilege. Of course I knew
I have done that before, but seeing with my own eyes how some of the people here live without these “basics” is much more impactful than any story could be. What is much more impressive, however, is how happy they are and that we have one
should cut off their minimalism. For example, saving water.

What do you have to try when you're in Namibia?

In any case, of course, the local dishes and you should have a lot of interaction with the Namibians. For my part, I would definitely recommend joining any club or community to meet people and see how they
deal with each other. I think the best way to learn about a culture is to be with it spends time with the residents.

I wish…

...a time that was just as nice or even nicer than I've ever had before and lots of great jam jar moments.

Dear Madita, nice that you are here! We look forward to your support in Okakarara and wish you an exciting future time in Namibia. We thank you very much for your commitment!

Are you interested in volunteering in Namibia with steps for children? Here you can find out what options we offer.


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