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Empowering girls in Zimbabwe

for children acts strengthen together with the Help with Plan and Plan International foundation, girls in particular through measures that prevent child marriage, enable education and professional perspectives, educational work and violence prevention and support young women and families to use income-generating measures correctly. Last year, 100 disadvantaged children were able to attend school by paying the school fees, and training was provided for 65 teachers and 150 school administrators.

To empower girls in Zimbabwe, dThese measures are extremely important because 34% of the girls are married before their 18th birthday, many of them are pregnant shortly afterwards.* The result is often dropping out of school, which in turn significantly reduces the chance of a professional perspective. In the Project region Mutare and Mutasa in the province of Manicland This problem is evident and has been exacerbated especially by the pandemic - high rates of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence have been recorded with many school closures.

This now requires a general break with locally recognized social norms and traditions and the implementation of child protection structures. There are many reasons, but above all financial emergencies influence the decision to marry children.

By awareness campaigns For parents, we try to raise awareness of the negative consequences of early marriage and early pregnancy. This also includes explanations in parent groups about positive parenting methods.

Zu training courses for teachers include first aid courses, identifying and understanding existing laws against child marriage, and the fact that school administrators have a duty to support pregnant girls in continuing their education at another school if they do not want to continue studying at their previous school.

Empowering girls in Zimbabwe – AGAINST child marriage and early school leaving.

We take measures to prevent child marriage...

…through teacher training and parent awareness campaigns.

An awareness campaign costs €440
A multi-teacher course costs €5.122

*UNICEF Report 2021


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In February 2024 we received €11 as part of the Town & Country Foundation's 1.111th Foundation Prize. The prize money is invested in early childhood and preschool education: fine motor, cognitive and linguistic skills are specifically promoted - as a solid foundation for further educational journeys.

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