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Significant abuse in Namibia's schools!

More than ever, children and young people need our support through the guardian angel program at steps for children.

Am International Day of Education we want to draw attention to the considerable school deficit in Namibia to draw attention. Some factors affecting the lack of the Namibian education system:

  • It is only now, after almost three years of the pandemic, that the actual, unabridged curriculum at the government schools (state schools) has been resumed.
  • Overcrowded classrooms - 40-50 students per class. Individual funding is not possible here.
  • Funding per student* by the state is 19 N$ per month - that's the equivalent of almost 1 €. School materials such as textbooks and writing utensils have to be purchased from this.
  • Although school fees have been abolished and were supposed to be replaced by government subsidies, parents are asked to continue paying school fees on a “voluntary basis”.

These are just a few of the factors that contributed to the fact that many children and young people were barely able to pass their degree, that the final grades last year were devastating and that the desired number of points for the Abitur can often only be achieved in a repeat year - if at all.*

What steps for children does:

With our steps guardian angel program, we offer educational opportunities for children and young people from the slums in Namibia.

You will receive comprehensive and necessary support from capable teachers, educators and volunteers: During the week, our steps facilities offer homework help in the afternoons as well as tutoring in the core subjects of mathematics and English. The young people are taught in small groups, sometimes also supervised in individual lessons. And they go to the afternoon lesson with a warm midday meal strengthened – a healthy snack in between breaks is also a must.

What you can do:

Become a guardian angel and support our program for a total of over 140 guardian angel children and young people!

With an annual contribution you finance*:

  • School supplies such as pens, exercise books, linearts, erasers
  • school uniforms
  • textbooks
  • Meals at noon in our steps facilities
  • Travel expenses to secondary school

Support one of our guardian angel children with 1 € per day and secure educational opportunities, close and loving care as well as daily, healthy nutrition.

*Your donation does not support a specific child, it goes into our pool to finance our guardian angel program. In this way, we ensure that all children admitted are supported.

Sources: Financial distress in the education sector, AZ 23.12.22/12.1.23/XNUMX; State schools construction site, AZ XNUMX
Photo 1: © steps for children/Namafu
Photo 2 – 4: © steps for children


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