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The new steps facility Single Quarter has a hard time
struggling with increasing crime

This is one of the most dangerous residential areas in Windhoek Single Quarter in Katutura. This is mainly because poverty is very high here and many people try to ensure their survival through illegal activities. The residents are there faced numerous problems, including inadequate access to basic services such as water, sewage and electricity and high unemployment. The residential area is known for its high population density with its informal settlements and is predominantly inhabited by low-income families who live in small huts made of corrugated iron and other makeshift materials. Despite these challenges, you can feel a vibrant community here with a strong sense of solidarity among the residents.

Our steps kindergarten and preschool border on this eponymous area Single Quarter and the steps building is located on the premises of Jacob MARENGO School: A primary school and a secondary school are located here, so that our protégés can switch directly to these schools after kindergarten and preschool. This means they are already used to the environment and the teachers and can easily cope with the adjustment to everyday school life.

We are clearly feeling the crime rate in Katutura, for the second time now. A few months ago, our shade nets were stolen in broad daylight during the holidays despite security precautions on school grounds. For most Namibians, shade nets are of great value - they sometimes provide the only shade, as there are hardly any natural shade sources in many places.

A little later, thieves visited the kindergarten again during play and learning time looking for money. The thefts are predominantly acquisitive crimes; people, in their poverty, try everything to get money or material assets.

We stay and help!

Nevertheless, we will not let ourselves be dissuaded from our vision of providing educational opportunities and perspectives for disadvantaged children and young people. We stay where the children really need us and offer learning opportunities and regular meals, protection and security.

In order to increase security, we are working hard (together with the Jacob Marengo School) on one security concept, so that attacks of this kind can be prevented. The costs for this are high - in addition to a deterrent security fence and a security camera, additional security personnel are hired who are explicitly supposed to take care of the safety of the steps children and employees and who will also guard the area at night.

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A solid start to your educational journey

In February 2024 we received €11 as part of the Town & Country Foundation's 1.111th Foundation Prize. The prize money is invested in early childhood and preschool education: fine motor, cognitive and linguistic skills are specifically promoted - as a solid foundation for further educational journeys.

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The steps song was created with many steps children in Gobabis with the singer Eva Keretic!

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