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In 2016 the foundation Help with a plan of the children's relief organization International plan Michael Hoppe asked whether he would like his skills, particularly in the area of ​​income-generating measures, to be incorporated into a joint project in Zimbabwe.

The school finds z. T. held under trees

Thereupon he combined a visit to the planned project area with his trip to Namibia in November 2016. The commitment of the people who teach children with the simplest of means, often without protective buildings, has moved him a lot and encouraged them to take the next step into a new African country.

Children in the Mutare and Mutasa regions in Zimbabwe are no different than in the project area in Okakarara in Namibia.


Kindergartens and schools, especially in rural areas, are far away from where children live, poorly equipped and teachers are poorly trained. Due to the continuing drought in Zimbabwe, the situation has worsened, since getting food is more important to parents than educating and supporting their children. These regions are characterized by underdevelopment and malnutrition as well as high unemployment.

A warm meal, safe, child-friendly play and learning as well as preparation for a self-determined life - we want to make this possible for children in Zimbabwe too!

More than 1.500 toddlers will benefit from our joint commitment in this region over a project period of 3 years, indirectly even more than 12.500 children.

Are planned

  1. the construction of four so-called ECCD (Early Childhood Care & Development) centers for children aged 3-4 years
  2. strengthening the economic situation in the budgets of the municipalities by creating savings groups, by supporting income-generating measures such as fish ponds and grain mills and by training on agricultural cultivation methods
  3. the improvement of the nutritional and health situation in the planned ECCD centers in Mutasa and Mutare by the establishment of vegetable gardens, the training of carers in the care of the gardens as well as awareness-raising measures on the topic of hygiene and health.

Like most others stepsProjects, we have a dedicated partner at our side.

The Foundation Help with a plan of the children's relief organization International plan now supports us in our important step into a second project country.

Also for International plan the focus is on helping people to help themselves. For us, however, the aid organization's over 80 years of experience in more than 70 countries around the world are particularly valuable. We don't have to start from scratch, for example when it comes to contacts with state institutions and communities. Here we become familiar with the detailed knowledge of local structures as well as with local employees in the project team of International plan enormously relieved and together we can face the special challenges and accompany them.

We are pleased that we can use our knowledge and experience to work with you specifically from income-generating measures of the Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan in Zimbabwe. And last but not least, this collaboration means for us an increase in know-how that can also be used fruitfully in our projects in Namibia. Because, of course, steps for children will continue in Namibia as usual - We continue to develop the previous projects and new collaborations will arise.

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A solid start to your educational journey

In February 2024 we received €11 as part of the Town & Country Foundation's 1.111th Foundation Prize. The prize money is invested in early childhood and preschool education: fine motor, cognitive and linguistic skills are specifically promoted - as a solid foundation for further educational journeys.

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