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Tango in Fado – music connects

The singer and musician Stefan Voss didn't let it go and supported the children of steps for children again with a great musical campaign: Together with many friends and musicians from all over the world he recorded a song. The income gained through Spotify and your streaming will benefit steps for children in full and thus promote it Education and care offers in Namibia for children from the informal settlements.

But how did Stefan Voss come up with the idea of ​​writing and recording the song?

Stefan has fond memories of his travels. He especially remembers the trip to Portugal: “In 1991, I was with my boyfriend for 3 weeks in Portugal, just backpacking. A few of these impressions are processed in this song, crowded train stations, backpackers, strange smells, nice people who helped you when you didn't know what to do. You hear a lot of music in Portugal and “Fado” is a Portuguese style of music that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.”

The song is called "Tango in Fado" - but why when these two words are almost opposite in their styles? "Fado" (in German: destiny) is a very melancholic style of music, while "Tango" is very spirited and life-affirming.

In his song, the singer-songwriter Stefan Voss goes into the fact that - although the basic mood is melancholic, characterized by need, loss or sadness - one can still find happiness and joie de vivre if one sets out and actively searches for it. "And if you look for it long enough, you will find it... the life-affirming tango!", Voss is sure.

With this approach and this confidence, he found people who recorded this song with him and who together support steps children in Namibia on their educational path.

The song can be heard on Spotify - over 23.500 streams have now been collected. Listen to it, dance to it and support steps for children in this way.

Dear Stefan Voss, we would like to thank you and your friends and everyone involved for this beautiful song and your commitment! Who knows, maybe the steps children will sing the refrain themselves in your next song...


Vocals: Johanna (France), Rod (Argentina), Juan (Mexico), Eduanis (Cuba), Nathalie (Switzerland), Matt (England), Gee (Holland), Ann (Philippines), Luis (Ireland)

Video: Eileen, Caro (Germany), Felix (Germany)


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The steps song was created with many steps children in Gobabis with the singer Eva Keretic!

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