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In Namibia, most children whose parents have died of AIDS or other diseases are at risk of malnutrition and illness. They are not allowed to participate in society outside of the family. They alone have no chance of escaping the cycle of poverty.

Orphans from poor neighborhoods get a new chance to feel safe and secure through steps. With the help of Namibian social workers, suitable families are sought for these children, who are supported by us financially and in all other social matters. 

Even after assuming responsibility for an orphan, we don't leave the family alone: ​​the social worker visits the families at regular intervals, stands by, and helps with grievances. The parents of the families already have their own children, so that the orphans in the family can be looked after and cared for in a stable environment.

With the steps homes program we take care of the poorest of the poor and give the children hope for a secure future. The living conditions of the foster families also improve through the regular provision of sufficient food, the construction of better corrugated iron huts and their furnishing.


Ingo is five years old and his parents died of AIDS. For a year he was on his own and wandering the dusty streets of the poor areas in Gobabis. He begged for food every day and slept close to a corrugated iron wall at night for some protection.
But Ingo was lucky: through steps for children he found a foster family who cared for him like the child he loved, prepared meals for him every day, provided his own bed and a desk. She ensures that he goes to kindergarten regularly and can go to school later. A happy turn that gives him hope for a positive future.

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