Our non-profit aid organization supports people from the country of Namibia and Zimbabwe. It cooperates with already existing organizations. The steps for children foundation takes up existing infrastructures in the country and expands and develops the individual projects with the help of friends, supporters and sponsors from Germany and Switzerland. Together with the existing child support projects, sustainable solutions are being developed and future prospects are being opened up to people in southern Africa. We offer people the prospect of staying and give them back their dignity.

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt at the TUHH

“I have been traveling to southern Africa regularly for over 20 years. This part of the world has always given me so much. For me it is noticeably the cradle of humanity and the most beautiful part of the world. But I also saw the other side, the many children with no chance on the streets. These children are the future of Africa and need a lot of help. This is exactly where the steps for children foundation comes in and that inspires me. That is why I am committed to steps for children. ”

Sabine and Dr. Hans Christian Schröder

Why steps for children?
“In 2006, while looking for a sustainable aid project in Namibia, we became aware of steps for children. We support this project for children and improve their educational opportunities. For us, education is the only development aid that will always last. We liked the concept with the income-generating sub-projects. The employees are not recipients of alms, but keep their dignity. We have been visiting the pilot site in Okakarara every year since 2006 and are pleased with the continuity and growth as well as acceptance among the population.
That is why we can promote steps for children at home with a good feeling. Since 2007, the grammar school on Willms Straße has supported half of the income from the Okakarara Christmas bazaar and the teaching staff has funded the training and further education of teachers with monthly donations. Many "donation pigs" from the Freundeskreis go to steps, for example for birthdays. The Rotary Club Delmenhorst, for example, sponsored the construction of a toilet and wash house, a rollable bookcase and tables and benches. ”

Andreas Roß and Sabine Bohlen-Roß

Sabine Bohlen-Roß and her husband Andreas Roß have been ambassadors for steps for children for many years. Sabine discovered the foundation nine years ago in an article and applied as a social pedagogue for the further training of our teachers and educators in Okakarara as a senior expert. Since then she has been on site with Andreas regularly once a year for one month.

Andreas Roß is there every year with great commitment. He has dedicated himself to the guardian angel children and is tirelessly looking for sponsorships. Through his regular trips to Namibia, he can closely follow the progress and developments of the children and reports on them at lectures at his workplace.

Andreas Thümmler has been a supporter and fundraiser for steps for children, since 2006. From the beginning, he supported Dr. Hoppes efforts to build the foundation. He made several Internet entrepreneurs aware of the project in Okakarara and won significant donors for the project. Andreas has an extensive network in German-speaking countries. His former company, Corporate Finance Partners, sponsored steps for children for a long time in Hamburg, and also as the managing director of ACXIT Capital Partners, he continues to support the Foundation's projects in Namibia, ideally and financially.

Philipp Hartmann has been supporting steps for children since the end of 2008, both privately and as managing director of With the aim of finding further sponsors and projects in Asia, he actively supports the foundation with his ideas and contacts.

Matthias Hunecke has been supporting steps for children since mid-2010. He is not only involved in private life but was also active with his former company for steps for children.
From 2010 he organizes the largest student party in Oldenburg with the Foundation of Night of the Profs, which is popular with students and professors alike, creating a forum in which Dr. Hoppe can draw attention to current and upcoming projects.

The sponsoring association steps for children eV was founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting the non-profit purposes of the steps for children support financially and ideally. The contributions of the association are distributed to the steps for children foundation and used by it for the steps for children projects in Namibia.

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The sponsors receive up-to-date information on the development and future direction of project work at the annual general meeting. In addition to the annual business report, board members and volunteers also provide information about their assignments in Namibia and their work in Germany.
Support the work of the steps for children foundation by becoming a member of the association. With your annual contribution (minimum contribution 60, - Euro) you support our work continuously and help at our locations in Namibia

  • To give children a better future through early learning and education
  • stabilize children's health through balanced nutrition and hygiene measures
  • To finance training opportunities for young people
  • to sustainably improve people's living conditions
  • To offer help for self-help
  • to secure the projects in the long term

Download the association's statutes

If you would like to actively support our work, get involved, for example, in the areas of marketing, communication and fundraising. Your ideas and expertise are just as important here as your skills as a networker and multiplier.
We would be happy to send you further information by email or by phone: 040 - 389 027 88. We look forward to your call.
You can claim the full contribution to income tax. You will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year.

Board: Dr. Michael Hoppe
2. Board of Directors: Brigitta Joost
Treasurer: Mechtild Wigger

Registered in the register of associations No. VR 18920 at the district court of Hamburg on March 06.03.2006, XNUMX

The steps for children foundation was founded in December 2005 by Dr. Michael Hoppe founded as a trust foundation and converted into a legal foundation on January 1.1.2011, XNUMX. The foundation is chaired by Michael Hoppe, Stefan Wolfschütz and Dr. Frauke Rawert are the other two board members. In addition, the Board of Directors has appointed a board of trustees to advise it on its work (see below), which currently consists of three people.

The foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization and can issue donation certificates. You can claim the donations in full against income tax.

Here you can find the statutes of the steps for children foundation.

Foundation: November 2010
Registered office: Canton of Schwyz

Board of Trustees:
Ute Pichorner: President of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Michael Hoppe: Board of Trustees
Guy Lorétan: Board of Trustees
Christoph Möller: Board of Trustees and Finance

Effect: The steps for children Switzerland foundation supports the steps for children foundation with donations for project work in Namibia. The steps for children Switzerland foundation has developed into a very important supporter in the past 9 years. 3 projects have received special support from the steps for children Switzerland foundation in recent years: the partner project in Gobabis (Light fort he Children), the steps for children Johanniter PrePrimary School in Otavi and the educational institution Bridge of Hope in Rehoboth.
With the support of the steps for children Switzerland foundation, children are given the chance to pursue a paid profession and to look after themselves and others independently. Later they should be able to make a sustainable contribution to the development of their country. We offer the children a balanced diet, loving care and educational success-enhancing education.

“The daily meals, the caring care and the better educational opportunities - initiated by steps for children - form the basis. Commit to it
I like myself very much. But the encounters with the children themselves are really emotional. Their joy and enthusiasm for us strangers. Her smile, her shy touches and her interest in the unknown. "

Ute Pichorner, President of the Board of Trustees

    Board of Trustees in Namibia

    • Festus Tjikuuja - Chairman of the board
    • Michael Hoppe
    • Henk Olwage
    • Stefan Wolfschütz
    • Nathalia Goagoses

    Festus Tjikuua

    Born in Okakarara, nephew of one traditional chief Tjikuua in Okakarara (who unfortunately died in April 2008) and official representative of the other chief Kambazembi from Okakarara. He studied engineering in Hamburg and works in a management position in the IT department of a ministry in Namibia.

    Henk Olwage

    Pastor is the founder and head of our cooperation partner Light for the Children in Gobabis and an advisory board member of the Board of Trustees of steps for children. Michael Hoppe is a member of the board for Light for the Children.

    Dr. Michael Hoppe

    The initiator of the project, lives in Hamburg, has worked as an independent entrepreneur for 30 years and has initiated, accompanied and led to a great number of projects and start-ups. This entrepreneurial experience also flows into the steps for children projects. As the initiator and financer of the project and founder of the Trust steps for children, he had a seat and vote on the Board of Trustees from the very beginning.

    Stefan Wolfschütz

    lives in Hamburg and is also a board member of the steps for children foundation.

    Nathalia Goagoses

    As a former employee of the Namibian Ministry of Education, she now supports steps for children in retirement.

    Next to Michael Hoppe were Erika von Wietersheim (she was the first chair of the trust) and Lucy Steinitz Founding members, later Gertrud and Jürgen Schmotz (died on January 18.1.2011, XNUMX) joined the board.

,, We were totally won over by the sustainable and long-term concept of steps for children. Here we know that our donations are sensible and have a lasting effect. "
Kerstin Thiele
Board of Directors Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa
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Content for 7 people and approx. 14 days: Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, fish cans, corned beef, rooibos tea, sugar, milk, orange juice, oil, soup, salt, soap, toilet paper, marshmellow Easter eggs, apples