Where do donations go?

Where do donations go?

Every donation counts. Our projects are made possible by your donation.

Our goal: Guiding the required money from our donors to our projects in the simplest and cheapest way and covering the needs.

The project founder and many helpers in Germany waive a salary.
This will Administration costs kept low.
Our Hamburg word of honor on it!

This results in cost savings: Volunteer work
Founder Michael Hoppe (full-time)
Board members Stefan Wolfschütz
graphics work: All media from flyers to T-shirts are laid out free of charge
Information stands: volunteers look after our information stands in Hamburg
Translation: for the website, flyers, information sheets and legal opinions
Website: the new website is 100% sponsored by a company and an advertising agency

Vision: Creating local jobs through small businesses, generating income and by winning the small businesses not only cover the running costs, but also the costs and salaries of all social steps in Namibia and thus become independent of donations.

The surpluses of small businesses are used to finance social steps without any deductions.

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