Postcard of hope

Send a personalized postcard to your friends and inform them about our guardian angel children

Would you like to give your friends a special surprise and at the same time encourage them to get involved with disadvantaged children in Namibia? Then the postcard of hope for the steps guardian angel children is just right for you! With this unique initiative, you have the opportunity to send a personalized postcard to your friends and invite them to do good together with you.

On the postcard you can warmly invite your friends to become steps guardian angels and support the work of the organization together with you. By sending the postcard you not only raise awareness of the situation of disadvantaged children Namibia, but also motivate your friends, to become active and make a positive contribution.

By informing your friends about the educational work in... Guardian Angel Program from steps for children, you not only show your solidarity and support, but also strengthen the bond with your loved ones. Together you can act as a guardian angel for children in need and sustainably improve their future prospects.

Take this opportunity to inspire your friends and achieve something great together. Send the personalized postcard now and bring yours Friends to become part of the steps Guardian Angel family. Because together we can achieve even more!

We will send you these postcards:

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