Young vegetables save lives

Now plant a pepper and other vegetables

Here you can find out why we plant vegetables in Namibia and how you can support the social projects of the steps for children foundation with this vegetable cultivation.

With your donation ...
...from 11 € you plant a seedling on a 30 cm² field in Ongombombonde near Okakarara, Namibia.
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“Your” plants
...will be sown beforehand and grown in a small hydroponic greenhouse. Then she is put into the ground.
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Melons grow here too
Carrots for the soup kitchen
your plant...
...will be harvested after a few months.
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Your donation ...
... partially covers the water tank, sales and the salary of our on-site employee.
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Already donated:

Donate yourself 11 € and please share this project with at least 2 people, from who you know that with a contribution of €11 they will be responsible for 5 Take over seedlings and at the same time the children in the steps Support projects in Namibia. 
In the Income-generating sub-projects vegetable growing is important in Ongombombone. Adults from the community are employed here to grow vegetables for their own use and for sale. In addition, the fresh vegetables are processed in the soup kitchens of kindergartens and preschools. It benefits the 150 children of the two projects in Okakarara and Ongombombonde, who thus receive a vitamin-rich supplement to their warm meal. In 2021, the field was originally only planted with peppers. In order to use the field in the cooler seasons and continue to produce income for the social projects and healthy vegetables for the soup kitchens, the already well-functioning pepper field is now to be turned into a mixed-culture field. and rest assured: we'll keep planting peppers when it's back in season!
With your contribution you specifically ensure that children in the two steps for children projects in Okakarara and Ongombombonde in Namibia are nourished healthily. That alone is a good deed. In addition, the Surplus of vegetables sold and the proceeds to pay for the Gardeners, Employees and Teachers used. This secures the foundations for education in the long term.
The aim is to cultivate more fields and to provide vegetables and fruit on a permanent basis. DThis is how we are committed to healthy eating, work and education in the long term. Once the foundations have been laid, it should work Financing the project by yourself in the future and thus in the long term and sustainably Benefit the community and the steps children on site. To lay that foundation you need we your support! 
Green paprika

Sow the future with € 11

The steps for children foundation from Hamburg has developed a sustainable model, um long-term from donations independent to become.

Next to ours social projects like We also run income-generating projects in kindergartens, preschools and soup kitchens like Sewing room, guest houses, rental apartments, computer schools and carpentry. Your vegetable donation in this project absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and on the other hand has a direct impact on the educational situation of children and young people in southern Africa.

Grow vegetables for €11 and

Be there for € 11 and share it with two friends!

The more people learn about this, the faster the vegetable field will grow.
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