In deep sadness and in memory of the deceased people who put their heart and soul into our projects and fell victim to the Corona Virus: 

On June 28, 2021, "Milly" Melveryne Bock died of the consequences of her corona infection. The employees of the steps for children projects in Namibia, steps for children Germany and the board members of the steps for children foundation in Namibia have been working with her in Rehoboth since 2013. The news of her death comes as a great shock to us. We look back with deep sadness at the years in which Milly wonderfully built up and supervised the Bridge of Hope project.

She selflessly served the Rehoboth Ward, helped the children of the ward survive and learn, gave hope, and helped thousands of families. Milly Bock has always put her own good above the support of others. With her professional and indispensable help and her passion, the support for children in Rehoboth has grown significantly. This great woman fought until the last hour. We admire Milly's life's work. Her death leaves a void that it is difficult for us to fill.

We would like to express our condolences to her husband, children and all of the family. In the midst of grief, we wish them to find what Milly has worked for all the days of their lives: a bridge of hope. A hope that will overcome the darkness and pain of these days and weeks for all of us.

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Jörn Ehlers Hamburg wrote at 13 JULY 2021 um 12:50 pm
Dear Melveryne Bock, I wish you can take a good look at the fruits of your labor from far away. Others will continue their work here. Rest in peace!
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Karin Stoss Dresden wrote at 7 JULY 2021 um 6:17 pm
It makes us very sad that Namibia has been hit so hard by Corona. Our deepest condolences go to Milly's family and friends. If someone had such a big heart as Milly and gave so much love, that spirit will not be lost. He will give us and other people hope to continue this work and get through this difficult time. Karin and Kai from the Kalahari in Dresden
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Henk Olwage Gobabis wrote at 6 JULY 2021 um 6:53 pm
When we think of Milly, we see someone with an indomitable spirit, who considered setbacks as encouragement to forge ahead, rather than reasons for discouragement. Fighting as an adult for the best interests of children, she was childlike at heart, loving them on that level. She leaves beautiful memories. On the same day, Light for the Children Foundation in Gobabis bade farewell to one of our founding members and a father figure to all in the team, Gerhard Hamutenya, whose burial was today 6 July. He and Milly were a class of community pioneers, who could seemingly not be stopped by anything. We also pray God's comfort upon Jackie Sanjath, with the loss of her mother.
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Silke and Heidi Germany wrote at 6 JULY 2021 um 10:26 am
We are very sorry and shocked to hear about Milly's passing and would like to send our condolences to Milly's entire family and friends. We were glad to meet her and had wonderful encounters. She was such an outstanding, gentle soul and everybody will miss her. Her support for the children had an extraordinary impact on your society and made her a role model. Hope the colleages and her family can carry on her life's work. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
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Ulrike Mai Windhoek wrote at 4 JULY 2021 um 6:39 pm
Dear colleague, dear friend, I still cannot believe that I can no more see you, meet you, talk with you. The marks you left are deep. It will be difficult to continue your work without you. But with your foresight and strength you have created a solid foundation on which we - steps and all the people you worked with - can build on. We will carry on your life's work: Bridge of Hope Ulli Mai National Coordinator Team Windhoek
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steps for children, Switzerland wrote at 4 JULY 2021 um 10:21 am
"The only important thing in life are the traces of love that we leave behind when we leave." (Albert Schweitzer) Deeply affected by the passing of our dear colleague Milly Bock, we offer our sincere condolences to our family and friends in Namibia and Germany. We wish you much comfort and strength in this difficult time. Ute, Christoph, Guy
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Gertrud and Alfred Klose Hildesheim wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 10:38 pm
We are very connected to "Steps" and we grieve for everyone who had to let go of a loved one and who now need a lot of comfort and strength.
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Simone Damak Hamburg wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 9:56 pm
Milly combined an eye for the big and the sensitivity for the small, for every little development step of the children that she devotedly promoted. She set standards in educational work, motivated and met all those involved, whether in Namibia or Germany, with great appreciation. Having lost Milly hit the core of our steps community. Keeping Milly's work going is the only answer. Our support goes to your family.
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Sibylle Killinger Re-firing wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 6:06 pm
I cannot believe Milly is dead - such a joyful, giving and understanding person, such an outstanding character. Surrounded by poverty and corruption she was solid like a rock, always kept loyal to her own very high ideals and values ​​and inviting others to follow her by her infectious cheerfulness. I was deeply impressed by her personality, by her vitality, by her strenght. Her family, her town, her community, her colleagues, her friends and I would say even the world has lost one of its most sincere and important people. All my best wishes to her family and to everybody whom she encouraged and who will now have difficulties to get along without her. I am very happy to have met her. May her good spirit stay with us.
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Hella wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 12:18 pm
Milly, such a wonderful, good-hearted and cheerful woman. She has given so much and achieved so much! She will always be such a great role model for us and we are infinitely grateful to her for the wonderful time we were able to spend with her.
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Memory Windhoek steps for children Boomerang wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 3:48 am
Hereby the Boomerangers would like to send our condolences to Millys entire family.i can still remember her warmhearted open face we were enjoying the circus in rehoboth. She was variant and knew what she wanted to active for the community May your prescoius soul rest in eternal peace💐
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Joni & Wolfgang Queisser Wiesbaden / Germany wrote at 3 JULY 2021 um 12:05 am
May you rest in peace whereever you are.
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Carola Hamburg wrote at 2 JULY 2021 um 9:09 pm
I am grateful for everything you have created for your love and strength, dear Milly. Your work touched me very much and I am sure that it has sown wonderful seeds in one or the other person. My respect for so much commitment! Carola
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Gudrun Hamburg wrote at 2 JULY 2021 um 7:19 pm
"We are the world; we are the children “🎵🎶 the song comes to mind about this wonderful project:“ Steps for children “that is carried by wonderful people like Milly: Thank you 🙏🏽
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Christine Brunotte Okahandja, Namibia wrote at 2 JULY 2021 um 6:52 pm
I have great respect for what Mrs. Bock has done in Rehoboth, even if I didn't know her personally. May she rest in peace from her work. We know it is in God's hands.
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Stefan Wolfschütz Hamburg wrote at 2 JULY 2021 um 6:08 pm
I have had some wonderful encounters with Milly. She was a woman with incredible energy and courage. A support for our projects, tirelessly concerned about the well-being of the children. The memory of you will always remain, we will lack your strength for a long, long, long time.
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Michael Hoppe Hamburg wrote at 2 JULY 2021 um 3:24 pm
Milly, we miss you very much and thank you for your selfless commitment to the children and young people in your community. You are leaving a void that cannot be replaced. It is incredible that this wonderful woman had to leave us so early
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