As a non-profit organization and children's aid organization, steps for children actively supports development cooperation in Namibia and Zimbabwe through your financial support. With the aim of combating child poverty, we enable sustainable change through education and training. your contribution, contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and giving local people a promising future by helping them to help themselves.
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We need your email address to confirm your donation. We also use your above-mentioned data to inform you about current events and actions by steps for children within the scope of what is permitted by law. You can object to this use at any time with the steps for children foundation, Bramfelder Str. 77, 22305 Hamburg, without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the basic tariffs. You are also welcome to send an email to ** We are happy about every donation. If you dedicate your donation to a specific purpose, we will endeavor to use it accordingly. If this is no longer possible or necessary, your donation will benefit other statutory purposes of the steps for children foundation. Thank you very much for your understanding.*** Since, for example, school uniforms are bought and distributed, food is also prepared and steps children are supported in various ways by specialist staff, the costs stated here include all services that are necessary to support children in the respective Enabling access to education and nutrition despite poverty.

Start your own fundraising campaign now

Facebook has now stopped fundraising campaigns. We would therefore like to draw attention to the possibility of one own fundraising campaign for steps for children to start. This means you can start a campaign together with friends and acquaintances for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or other occasions. 

A fundraiser can... lasting influence and contribute to improving the lives of children in Namibia. Through your donations you can help ensure that disadvantaged children have access to education, nutrition and care.

By starting your own fundraising campaign, you show solidarity and support for children in need. Every donation counts and can make a big difference. Together we can help ensure that children in Namibia have a better future and can achieve their dreams.

Start your own fundraising campaign today and help make a positive difference in the lives of children in Namibia. Every donation is a step in the right direction and helps ensure that children have a hopeful future. Together we can achieve great things!

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