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Implementation of the measures in the projects

The implementation of the required hygiene measures in lockdown phase 3 has started successfully. Take a look at the almost routine processes that take place every morning in all steps - and steps partner projects. The children and teenagers too

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Shortened and still good

My name is Vincent Rothe. I am 19 years old and was a volunteer for 3 months at steps for children in Namibia. My assignment went from January 7, 2020 to April 5, 2020. That

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The crisis is keeping us busy

Since the lockdown in Namibia everything has changed for our engagement in Namibia.

All of the income that we generate in our projects has completely disappeared. Our supporters from large companies struggle with the failures in their company.

And in Namibia the need is growing inexorably. We try to deal with the most pressing problems with our employees on site.

Help us with a donation. Your money is more than ever a blessing for our children and their families.

Michael Hoppe
Founder steps for children

Content for 7 people and approx. 14 days: Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, fish cans, corned beef, rooibos tea, sugar, milk, orange juice, oil, soup, salt, soap, toilet paper, marshmellow Easter eggs, apples