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Guardian angel children become fully fledged

Ndapeua, Clenda and Johanna go to Windhoek.

Ndapeua and Clenda already passed their matriculation in the 2019th year of school in 12, but the number of points was not sufficient to start studying at a university. So they used the last year to study to take the exams on NAMCOL to write again in some courses.

The NAMCOL - Namibian College of Open Learning - offers young schoolchildren and adults the opportunity to improve their matriculation (Abitur) so that they can start studying with a better score. The courses take place in face-to-face classes as well as in decentralized online sessions.
Johanna, who attended the 2020th grade in Otjiwarongo in 12, even passed her matric (Abitur) in the first round with a sufficient number of points and can be admitted to study at NAMCOL without improving points.

A really big success

This is a great success both for the three from Okakarara and for our Guardian Angel program: from the informal settlements They came to the steps preschool in Okakarara 12 and 13 years ago, were the first children in our Guardian Angel program, and lasted the entire school year and now the first two go who made it out of the extremely difficult circumstances of their childhood to study in the Namibian capital. All three are going to Windhoek; However, Ndapeua's score is not enough for her desired course.

A big thank you goes to the project manager of Okakarara, Sonja Schneider-Waterberg, the participating teachers, the volunteers who supported us from time to time, and of course we thank our guardian angels in Germany, who support our young people so sustainably.

In the waiting time after the exams, until the results were announced, they came to Sussie Nganjone, the office manager in Okakarara, and helped her and Eveline Ketjivandje with the preparations for the coming school year by working with project manager Sonja Schneider-Waterberg Picking up school uniforms for the other students and doing various light tasks such as copying in the office.

The waiting time is finally over and new decisions have been made. In all their considerations, the three of them turned to Sonja Schneider-Waterberg and Sussie Nganjone with confidence.

Ndapeua Due to the lack of face-to-face teaching during the pandemic, she was unable to quite achieve the number of points she had hoped for, but has now decided on a 9-month course in Windhoek. With face-to-face tuition and weekly tests, she can then enroll for a bachelor's degree when she achieves the necessary points on the NSSC - Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate.

Dear Ndapeua, the whole community and we from the steps team are by your side - both on site and here in Germany and Switzerland. You are on your right way!

Definitely could improve her points Clenda. After this year, in which she studied independently at NAMCOL to improve her points, she decided to become a senior primary school teacher.

Dear Clenda, congratulations too
your passed matric! You have achieved a lot
and we are pleased that you are interested in
to walk the path as a teacher.

Johanna passed her matric at the first attempt and was now able to enroll at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Windhoek. She will take the four-year Bachelor of Economics course. Her first subject was Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, but this was already full. Nevertheless, satisfied with her second choice, she started her first events at the end of February.

Dear Johanna, we warmly congratulate you
your passed matric and wish you
good luck on your further path!


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The steps song was created with many steps children in Gobabis with the singer Eva Keretic!

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