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New benefits for the sewing room

We have found a new use for the Okakarara sewing room. You can find out which it is and where it is now being rebuilt in our article. The sustainable idea of ​​reusing the materials that already exist is an essential one.

Thanks to a generous donor, we can in Okakarara build a new sewing room. A larger house in a solid construction with an expanded showroom and a larger workshop area, in which space is created for additional sewing machines, can increase both production and sales in the post-corona period.

But why should we scrap the zinc walls and the roof of the previous sewing workshop?

The old building moves to Ongombombonde and then serves a new purpose: it is converted into living and storage rooms. Our vegetable garden is located in Ongombombonde, 8 kilometers away, where we grow cabbage, beetroot and maize, among other things.

Convinced of Hendrik's green thumb

Thanks to Hendrik vegetable growing is going wonderfully. There are hardly any more losses and we trust in Hendrik and his plans, to expand the acreage and for that too more employees adjust. In this way we create more jobs and also get more vegetables and plants for sale and the soup kitchens.

Create living space

Some employees come from distant villages to Ongombombonde, which is why additional living spaces are necessary. We now want to build this with the materials of the previous sewing room.

Support our sustainable project and Donate for the construction of the living space.

Social education creates income in Namibia

Here we see the dismantling action of the craftsmen in Okakarara. The zinc walls are carefully accepted and brought to the village of Ongombombonde, 8 kilometers away, at the earliest opportunity.



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