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Where there was red earth the other day ...

... the corn is now growing wonderfully!

Where there was recently red earth, the maize is now growing wonderfully. The so-called 90-day maize is grown here and can soon be harvested. This is partly due to the good weather conditions that currently prevail in Namibia.

In Ongombombonde, a small village very close to our Okakarara location, we have a vegetable garden. In addition to maize, all kinds of other vegetables grow here. Chili plants, paprika, cabbage and beetroot in particular thrive in the Namibian soil. The rainy season in recent weeks has helped the vegetables, and especially the maize, which was sown not so long ago, to have grown halfway up. 

Ongombombonde and the 90 day corn

Here in Ongombombonde the so-called 90-day maize is planted. It can also be planted without watering. But when it actually doesn't rain, the yield is very low and can sometimes fail completely. 

In 2020, the country was able to recover somewhat from the rain after several years of severe drought. Of course, this has also been good for the garden and the vegetable harvest in our income-generating step “vegetable growing”.

More in the steps COMMUNITY

You can also read more about the rain situation in Namibia in the steps-COMMUNITY read up. You can easily register and take part immediately, comment and get to know other supporters, friends and sponsors.

Where there was red earth the other day ...

... the corn is now growing wonderfully.



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