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Student Regina in Namibia

steps student Regina has now arrived at Welwitchia University in Kombat and has written an inspiring report on her experience. Learn how the dedicated nursing student gained valuable insights into autonomous and collaborative care of patients of all ages during her internships at Gobabis State Hospital. From medical wards to surgical areas to pediatric care, Regina shares her experiences, challenges and learnings on her journey to becoming a registered nurse and midwife. Discover how she advocates for inclusion, equality and the promotion of health and what plans she has for her future in the care industry.

Nursing includes the autonomous and cooperative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or healthy and in all settings. It includes the promotion of health, the prevention of disease and the care of sick, disabled and dying people.

International Council of Nurses (ICN)

My name is Regina Ruduvini, I am a first year nursing student at Welwitchia University in Kombat. I completed my first internship in... Gobabis State Hospital from November 27th to December 15th, 2023 on one medical station, from December 18th to January 12th, 2024 on the surgical ward and finally from January 15th to February 02nd, 2024 on the pediatric ward.

“As a student, I am passionate about advocacy, inclusion and equality.”

I didn't think I would enjoy working on different wards and dealing with different genders and ages with different diagnoses, but I did! The staff were all so friendly and helpful and I felt like part of their team.

I have a lot left over Stoma care, malnutrition, wound care and cross infections learned. I was taught how to observe a patient after surgery and how to Wound dressings using aseptic non-touch technique changes. I also saw some infected wounds reopening after the staples were removed. I also learned how to draw blood from babies, teenagers, elderly and adult patients.

Both the ward manager and my mentor were very helpful on the various wards and asked me if there were any procedures I would like to observe before my internship ends. I asked to watch an endoscopy and colon surgery and the surgeon was very informative the entire time. I found it fascinating to watch.

Regina is studying Kombat together with Nicolett and Fritz, also in the steps students program.

Study in Namibia, supported by steps for children

All nursing students at the university stand together here.

The most emotional part of my internship was a woman who was admitted to the ward with abdominal pain, only to be told she had cancer. She was discharged to palliative care. It was sad to see her go and I still think about her. This experience sparked my interest in palliative care. I had never met a palliative care nurse, even though I had worked with dying people. I was also shocked at how many people with disabilities were admitted to the surgical ward and received little support.

Although I experienced some challenges completing my work hours and preparing my internship book, My internship encouraged me that I wanted to work as a registered nurse and midwife after I graduated, possibly even in the maternity ward and palliative care.

“THANKS to all my sponsors and team leaders of steps who made all of my dreams come true!!”

Dear Regina, we are very happy to hear about your experiences and progress in your studies and are sure that you will become an excellent, committed nurse and midwife. We wish you all the best on your further journey and are by your side. 

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