School holidays Namibia

*Projected Holiday dates 2024:

  • Midterm break: March 21th - April 01th
  • Workers Day: 01. May
  • Ascension of Christ: May 09-10
  • Summer holidays: June 13th - July 14rd
  • National day: 26. August
  • Autumn holidays: September 09-13
  • Winter holidays: December 07 - January 12, 2025

Our guest houses

“By renting our guest houses you support our social projects and thus our concept - income for education.”

Our guest houses

Enjoy a peaceful sleep in sustainable living units, which are ideal for a few overnight stays away from popular, bustling tourist strongholds. While you're in okakarara or Gobabis visit you can convince yourself of our work and meet the children and employees in the project. The guest house is not only a place to sleep, but also a place for cultural encounters after a few minutes' walk. 


Both you and the local population will benefit from your visit. Firstly through cultural exchange: Through our guests and volunteers, the children get to know the world a little more and absorb everything that is made available to them. As a guest, you benefit from the insight into the cultural peculiarities and the reality of life of the local population, which the typical package travelers are denied. 

All income from the guest house flows into our social projectswith which we support and support our children.While our guests sleep well in the soft steps beds, enough healthy food is prepared for the children in our soup kitchens. While you are washing yourself in the steps shower, secure the financing of another job. While you use the steps kitchen in the guest houses, you support the vision of steps for children to become independent of donations.

In addition to the tourist aspect, our guests support the extensive educational offer of the foundation by paying for their accommodation. The Guest houses are among the Income generating steps the Foundation: With the income from guests, we sustainably secure our social aid projects. We receive additional funds to feed children healthy and secure the financing of a job within the guest house. The foundation's accommodations are therefore an important component in making steps for children's social projects independent of donations.

After your first restful sleep, you can experience an exclusive tour of our project if necessary. We give you a direct insight into how steps for children work and how they work - and you are even part of the effect at that moment.


Five spacious living units in Okakarara enable comfortable sleep with comfortable, clean beds. The coffee machine ensures your morning coffee enjoyment, cupboard and adjoining anteroom offer enough storage space for your suitcases and travel bags. With your own bathroom and shared kitchen, you can make your stay independent and free.
We warmly welcome single travelers and couples in our double rooms, which can also be booked as single rooms!
We take you to the educational institutions in Okakarara and grant exclusive insights into the everyday work of sewing and growing vegetables. In this way you can get an idea of ​​the challenges and effectiveness of “Helping people to help themselves”.

Total number of rooms: 5
3x double room with bath/toilet: N$ 480
2x single room with bath/toilet: N$ 300
City tour: N $ 150 per person

(Prices in Namibian Dollars - 100 N $ = approx.7,50 €)


In the beautiful, spherical guest house by Gobabis you can sleep wonderfully in a homely atmosphere. In the friendly rooms with bathroom there is the chance to write down what has been experienced at a small desk - because even in Gobabis, every guest is exclusively guided through the project if desired and gets an insight into educational institutions as well as everyday work in the carpentry and computer school. A large kitchen with a dining room is available for catering, which is shared with other residents. It offers a garden, non-smoking rooms, free WiFi and barbecue facilities.

Roundhouse with 6 rooms:
Double bed with bathroom: N $ 550,00
Double bed with bathroom: N $ 500,00
Double bed, shared bathroom: N $ 450,00
2 single beds, shared bathroom: N $ 450,00
3 single beds with bathroom: N $ 500,00 (1st floor) 
3 single beds with bathroom: N $ 500,00 (1st floor)

Extension with 4 rooms:
Double bed with bathroom: N $ 550,00
Double bed with bathroom: N $ 550,00
2 single beds, shared bathroom: N $ 450,00
2 single beds, shared bathroom: N $ 450,00

(Prices in Namibian Dollars - 100 N $ = approx.7,50 €)

"For our children, the first points of contact with the steps children were overwhelming, since some of them rarely had contact with fair-skinned children and they therefore approached you with great interest and in part also came in close contact. After the first literal sniffing and touching My son Elija played football, table tennis and board games with you from day one. "
Eva Liesberg
Spends a week in March 2019 with her children and her husband in our project in Okakarara

If you decide to take a trip to the guesthouses in Gobabis or Okakarara, we would ask you to register in advance, so that we can offer tours of the facility and be available to answer questions. Please note the holiday periods, as the facilities are particularly interesting during school hours in everyday life with children and employees present.
In addition, we occasionally need transportation options, for example for our sewing products from Okakarara. Again, it would be a wonderful help to take something with you.

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