Our soup kitchens are also a point of contact for many children and their families during the holidays. There is still an increased need for meals, Many of the people from the poor neighborhoods are still receiving your only warm meal from steps for children.
With 40 € you finance food for 1 child + 2 relatives 5 days a week For 1 month.


We still need more disinfectants and additional vitamins in order to at least be able to adequately care for our steps children and employees and to be able to continue to adhere to the hygiene measures. This is the only way we can maintain everyday steps in the projects in small groups. 
+ Disinfectant + Vitamin tablets + Masks + Soap = 35 €


The Pregnancies among girls of school age have risen to over 3.600 cases in Namibia last year, according to official reports. Especially in the period from March to September during the corona-related school closings, the number rose dramatically. A big problem is that society has this and domestic violence, which has also increased due to the pandemic, as internal Family affair looks at. What our steps employees do for girls: LEARN MORE


What you can do:

Save another girl from dropping out of school with a guardian angel sponsorship.


Here with one Guardian angel special donation
help - with an amount of your choice.


How we support people in Zimbabwe

How we support people in Zimbabwe

Not only income-generating measures are financed here, we also support the people behind it. By intensive and regular knowledge transfer as Training and advanced training our cooperation partner Plan International on site. Here, parents, young people and also a group of “out-of-school” young people learn in training courses how they can protect themselves and their children from Covid-19 and which rules must be observed, the negotiation strategies in markets when they are in theirs Want to sell or like the products generated by income generating activities Feed composition for the chickens and where to get or grow new feed.


 We need help with the financing of 394 banana plants for the creation of an irrigated banana plantation.
1 bananasplant = 71 € 
We at steps are also affected by the corona pandemic and are doing everything we can to help contain the virus. We update this page regularly. Find out how you can continue to help our children here.

How steps
for children acts
in the corona crisis

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Content for 7 people and approx. 14 days: Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, fish cans, corned beef, rooibos tea, sugar, milk, orange juice, oil, soup, salt, soap, toilet paper, marshmellow Easter eggs, apples