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Starting your fundraising campaign for steps for children is now even easier: create an individual campaign for yours Birthday, anniversary or one other occasion and describe exactly what you would like to use the donations for. You can find out about our current needs and describe the use of the privately collected donations to your friends, work colleagues or family. 

This fundraising campaign can also be easily shared on the Social media or by email, Whatsapp and on other messengers.

We also have further information here in ours Instructions .

Who is steps for children?

The steps for children foundation was founded in 2005 by dr Michael Hoppe Founded in Hamburg - today it operates at six locations together with its local project partners Namibia and at more than two locations in Zimbabwe working in collaboration with the Hilfe mit Plan and Plan International foundation since 2017. She's sitting down sustainable for better future prospects of children, young people and families who are affected by great poverty and exclusion. More than 2.000 children and young people use the healthy nutrition and education offered in our projects every day.


Our educational programs are based on holistic learning opportunities and a long-term promotion from infancy to graduation and since 2021 to university graduation.

Perfectly happy - and give something back

Then ask the guests at your celebration for donations instead of gifts. This is how you help children in need. And you save your guests the trouble of looking for a gift. Celebrate together and do something good through a private fundraising campaign.

With 23 € 
You support a child with craft and learning materials.

Sponsorship in Namibia

With 732 €
Together with your guests, you will become a guardian angel for an older child for a year and together you will be guaranteed support on the way to a higher school qualification. 

Dear supporters*Inside, you would like to get involved with steps and collect donations for us. Thank you very much. This is great support for our facilities in Namibia.

We would like to point this out to youthat it is not possible for us to transfer you for one of you Collective donation amount issue a donation receipt or names and individual amounts of participating donors*call inside at event fundraisers – according to the data protection rules of the GDPR. However, we would be happy to help you communicate the total amount of your fundraising campaign, provided there is a meaningful one Keyword was specified. If you collect cash donations for us, we will provide cash donations for the individual donors*Donation receipts inside if you are with us AWhen the collective donation is made, individual names, addresses, the respective amount and the date of receipt of the cash donation are also communicated.

All individual donations, Those who enter our account as part of a fundraising campaign will of course receive a donation receipt if they provide their name, address and the agreed keyword.

Our awards

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